Sana and Hatori are still stuck in Wonderland, and wander about trying to find a way out. Meanwhile, Ichijo, Zouroku, and Sanae have entered Wonderland, in an attempt to get the two girls out. Ichijo tries using her powers to scope out the area, but this causes her to fall underneath Wonderland. Zouroku and Sanae, having lost all contact with Ichijo, decide to go on without her.

These scenes were so cool.

Certainly seems like a place created by a child’s imagination.

Sana and Hatori eventually find a large mansion and take refuge there. Although Hatori still acts somewhat defensively towards Sana at first, this demeanor quickly melts away. With nothing else to do, the two girls talk it out. Hatori reveals that she’s afraid her mother hates her, while Sana comforts her. Sana in turn tells Hatori about how she came to be “born.” Sana muses that she is probably a part of Wonderland, created for the sole purpose of communicating with the outside world.

Having formed a friendship of sorts, Hatori and Sana both work towards the goal of letting Hatori see her mother again.

Sana explains the history of Wonderland.

This is my aesthetic.

My Opinion:

Man this episode was so good. We get… a pretty damn philosophical conversation between what are meant to be 8 or 9 year-olds. Also, holy crap I failed to realize just how young Hatori is. I seem to have missed the part where she failed her elementary school exams–I seriously thought Hatori was around 11 or 12. To face that much parental disappointment at such a young age… man, that’s rough. No wonder she’s so messed up currently. I’m glad she was finally able to discuss her feelings with Sana. And I really freaking hope that Hatori’s disappearance makes her mom (AND dad) realize how much they should just appreciate their kid for what she is. Seriously.

Sana also gets a chance to drop some pretty heavy stuff. I knew that Sana must be a part of Wonderland, since she was born from it. But I always thought that she was the one who created Wonderland, rather than being a product of it. Sana mentions that Wonderland keeps expanding, and it may someday become its own universe. What the ramifications of that are, I have no idea. But I don’t think Wonderland is all that malevolent of a place. Sana also manages to work out her “frazzled” feelings, realizing that she needs to have these feelings in addition to her other ones. Which shows that she’s maturing as a character.

The only (minor) gripe I have about this episode is that Ichijo gets taken out too quickly. I suppose that any Dreams of Alice users in Wonderland at the moment will have their powers neutralized immediately, but having so powerful a character just… disappear in the lamest way is… super lame. At least Zouroku and Sanae seem to be handling themselves just fine without Ichijo’s aid. Based on the real world scenes that were shown in this episode, it appears that time works differently in Wonderland than in the real world. It’s been at least a day since Sana and Hatori got stuck in Wonderland. It could even be days. Zouroku and Sanae at least know where Sana is. I feel bad for Hatori’s parents…

Overall, a solid episode. We get to see a lot more of Wonderland in this episode. It appears that the “underground” portion of Wonderland is more mechanical in nature, while the upper portion is much more of a friendly fantasy-land. This was a pretty interesting contrast. It also appears that some of Sana’s memories have been immortalized as statues in Wonderland, which shows how important they are to Sana. Anyway, we are definitely nearing the end of the series. The last episode’s title spoils how things will go, but I’m excited to see it regardless.

Out of five for this episode:

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“It’s okay to exist.”