‘By which of course I mean ‘spout one-sided cryptic bullshit’ but that’s literally the only language I know.’

Heine gets kidnapped by Rosenberg, who is being his usual smarmy self. Although he says he wishes to speak with Heine, he really only drops a whole lot more ‘i know stuff that the audience dont’ gloating, but Heine does manage to accuse him of being behind all the recent attempts to jeopardize the princes’ claims to the throne (except Leo’s, anyway.) Heine would also like to know what the point of that even is, given that Eins is still the most obvious candidate and doesn’t seem to actually need any help securing the way to the throne as it is, but Rosenberg is reluctant to say anything remotely useful, other than the fact that he’s ‘found out’ who Heine is.

We at least get to find out a little more about Heine – he was apparently originally a volunteer tutor who taught children at a church. It’s implied that Something happened, but we still don’t get to know what. The four princes take a great interest in it though and decide that they should just go into his room and go through his shit, although this eventually becomes a mission to help clean up his room after they discover how unclean it is – because they take up so much of their poor tutor’s time, he’s never had time to clean it himself.


also moe

This episode was titled ‘The Professor I Don’t Know’, which I would expect to be about Heine’s backstory, but it…isn’t. This episode was actually about 80% fluffing around sandwiched by some slivers of info about him. It also ends on a cliffhanger, with Heine calling himself a criminal, which is a total mood whiplash from the bulk of the episode about the princes being their usual selves.

I was kinda disappointed in this but on the other hand the fluffing around did kind of serve a purpose. It was a pretty obvious one – the entire point was to show how much Heine’s presence has improved the prince’s personalities and personal weaknesses. I still don’t really know what all this is leading up to, but it does all feel a little like there’s going to be a big dramatic reveal where Heine declares he must leave the princes for their own good, and then the princes convince him to stay by demonstrating how much he’s helped them. By the way, apparently we’re getting an anime-original ending on this, and it made the mangaka cry. Hopefully in a good way and not in a ‘why does one-cour anime do this’ way at least.

I don’t really have much else to say, to be honest. I did want to like this episode, and it was kind of cute, but at this point the show just feels like it’s dragging its feet, and having Rosenberg stick his smarmy face in just to be all ‘hey audience I still know what’s going on and you dont’ is only rubbing salt into the wound. Since the next episode will actually have all the reveals, hopefully the spark the earlier episodes had can return because this one really did feel like it was on autopilot.

The lamest sentai team.

Leo resonates with my soul sometimes.

Out of 5,



Episode 11

Viktor never actually aged, a bunch of people just grabbed each of his limbs and pulled on them for a while.

Heine tries to hint that he is a criminal – showing a newspaper article that says a criminal may have infiltrated the palace – but none of the boys take him seriously and laugh it off as a joke. He tells them that its important that they take any rumour seriously in case it really does turn out to be true, and invites them to investigate it and find out the truth. Working together, the boys decide to track down the writer of the article and eventually find him – it turns out that he was offered a large sum to write something about the palace that may or may not be true. But even though the author had no idea if it really was, the boys start to look into the palace’s criminal records and find out that many years ago, someone was arrested for the kidnap and attempted murder of then-prince Viktor, and that someone was Heine.

Luckily for the boys, and the viewers, Viktor decides that he ought to let the boys know the full story and we get a flashback of how he and Heine met. Heine was street urchin looking after a bunch of orphaned kids, but eventually became friendly with Viktor, who regularly snuck out of the palace on his own out of boredom in order to explore the city. Unfortunately, during his absence the others at the palace panicked to find him missing and sent the guards to look for him, where they assumed, for some ridiculous reason, that the miniscule Heine was kidnapping him. When Viktor takes a bullet for him of his own will, these brilliant minds misinterpret it as Heine using him as a shield, and unfortunately Viktor takes so long to recover and then be able to explain the truth of what happened that Heine spends a lengthy stint in prison. Afterwards, Viktor builds him his own school/church for the children and Heine, who previously couldn’t even read or write, teaches himself in order to be a teacher for them.

While everyone is relieved that Heine wasn’t actually a criminal, he did promise Viktor that he would cease working as Royal Tutor immediately if the truth ever came out, which is what’s happened.

this honestly just made me even more confused about how the hell old Heine is supposed to be.

If you were hoping for an answer to the burning question of why Heine is so short…uh, sorry.

Oh boy! Here it is! The big reveal! The one the show’s been teasing us with all this time – we get to find out What’s Up With Heine! We get to find out what dramatic, dangerous, serious thing went down in his past! Finally!

…uh, that’s it? Wow, that was anticlimactic.

So let me get this straight. Not only is Heine not remotely a criminal (unless his only crime is roughing up the guards a bit after they shot Viktor by mistake), but this misunderstanding when he was branded as one was completely resolved in the past anyway? Am I missing something here or is there absolutely no big deal here whatsoever? When Heine was in prison, I was getting incredibly annoyed wondering why the hell Viktor, his friend, would never have told anyone that he was innocent after all this time, and assuming that his tutor getup was some kind of disguise from his previous identity. I was all ready to write a review mad about the fact that it was all Viktor’s fault that Heine’s name could potentially get smeared by Rosenberg bringing up the past. But…Viktor did tell everyone he was innocent. The incident was done with. It was such a non-issue that it wasn’t even public knowledge – the princes had to search deep in the archives for that information. If Rosenberg’s plan was to bring it out into the open, the actual number one most reliable witness with the most authority – the goddamn king- is right there to say that it’s not true. What the hell. Is Rosenberg meant to be dumb as hell? Is this why all his ridiculous plans keep failing? Does he just, deep down, not actually want to harm anyone so he makes sure his plans to get rid of people are as ineffective as possible?

What’s annoying is that it did work, Heine was all ‘well the jig is up, everyone knows my past isn’t as badass as I made it out to be, time to disappear forever.’ I mean, obviously it didn’t really, and I am certain that the last episode will have the boys working together to get him back. Maybe we’ll actually see this Eins guy.

I don’t have high hopes for the last episode, but I am kind of curious about why it made the artist cry. Will this show go out with a bang or a fizzle? Let’s just hope they’ve been saving the animation budget for it, whatever it is, cos yikes. (This one was a slight improvement from the last at least, but still.)

surprisingly dark for this show

”two apple equals three apple. remember this.”

Out of 5,