It’s time to play -jaunty gameshow music- Licht or Viktor?

Having announced his resignation, Heine hasn’t left just yet – he has time for one final lesson with the boys, which dissolves into all of them crying. His justification for leaving is that, even if he never committed any serious crime, he does still have a criminal record and did technically assault the guards, and that’s apparently just not becoming of a royal tutor. (a guy who uses a legit whip on young children is fine and dandy though!)
The boys decide that they ought to do something to bring him back – partly because they all love Heine, but also because their new royal tutor is for sure to be a giant prick. This is because he’s going to be recommended by Count Rosenberg and approved at an upcoming council. The boys thus work together to create a speech about how Heine is the best, to give to the council in his defense.

Heine himself is determined to ignore this, but Viktor entices him along and he is able to see the boys pour their hearts out. Which was expected, but what isn’t as expected is that Eins is there and gives them a round of applause. It turns out that Eins isn’t really as big an asshole as Rosenberg would have you believe – in fact after the council are all convinced that Heine is the best after all and reappoint him, Eins personally goes to tell Rosenberg to eff off and keep his smarmy nose out of things, because he wants to become king without any fucko’s help.

Pet peeve: why does he tutor them in a goddamn ballroom

it’s cute that Kai comforts Leo but lol that he just ignores Licht


Well, regarding the last episode – I found out that if Heine’s past seemed weirdly anticlimactic relative to the amount of foreshadowing they gave it, that’s because it’s not technically canon and the last two episodes are entirely anime-original content! Which makes a lot of sense, I mean…it seemed pretty off to me that Heine went from being illiterate and presumably uneducated to somehow knowing literally everything. Plotwise it’s not the worst, but it’s also just kinda hard for there to be any suspense in these kind of setups in anime adaptations where they inject a bit of drama that can be resolved in the last episode. We all know it’s gonna be okay.

But still, I’m glad the episode wasn’t entirely as predictable as I expected. To be honest I just expected the boys to run after Heine and give him an impassioned speech about how much they’d all grown and for him to have a change of heart. Having them deliver it to the council – meaning to Viktor, Rosenberg and also Eins and Heine as well, works a little better in my opinion. The issue is that, before they suddenly got hit by spur-of-the-minute inspiration after they all get yelled at and told to leave, the boys’s speech sucked. Seriously, guys. You got this whole studying montage and that limp initial speech was all you had to show for it? If I was Viktor I’d have been annoyed too. It worked out, because they…suddenly get hit by inspiration and deliver the ‘proper’ speech, but it would have come across as a lot less awkward without the study montage that implied they had some really good plan.

Eins’ role in this episode was unexpected, as was his appearance – he doesn’t look remotely like anyone else in the royal family – unless he resembles his mother, who is still unaccounted for. I’ve got to say though, the part where he so eloquently tells Rosenberg to eff off was possibly the most satisfying moment of the entire show. I actually laughed. There was something very cathartic about it, mostly because Rosenberg sucks.

Anyway it may have been cheesy and predictable in places but it was still pretty touching seeing the boys pour their hearts out and Heine get so touched by it, and I liked the contrast right at the end with his reappointment scene and his original appointment scene in the first episode. So while I can’t say the series went out with a bang, it wasn’t a fizzle either. Just a fuzzy I guess.

rosenberg maybe you’d have won your case if at least one of those dudes looked like the main character in an anime about a tutor, sorry.

are…are you sure Eins isn’t the dad and Viktor isn’t the eldest son because what. the hell. is viktor some kind of magic elf, there is no way he is this guy’s father.

”everyone is a good boy.”

Out of 5,



Final Thoughts
This show definitely exceeded my initial expectations, but to be fair those weren’t exactly high to begin with. It was pretty much the definition of a 3-melonpan show: It was fun, and often pretty enjoyable and not something I regret watching, but it just never really got as good as I wanted it to and I can’t help feeling that there was a lot of missed opportunities.

It’s main strength is in its characters and how they play off eachother, but it doesn’t really utilize this as best as it could. After the boys each got their ‘moment’, they felt kind of sidelined- particularly in the parts towards the end that mostly concerned Viktor and Heine. And if I’m gonna be honest, I did find their personalities a lot more interesting and amusing when they were still growing and learning and flawed. (especially Leo, because tsundere Leo is adorable) After they all get their ‘moment’, they don’t really stand out much from eachother – an effect heightened even more by the fact that they start to all move and act as a group instead of individually. This is likely the fault of the anime adaptation – but in any case, I did come to like the characters a lot so I will be reading the rest of the (ongoing I believe) manga to see more of them. That and I’m still very interested in whatever Heine’s actual past is, since this anime didn’t…really deliver in that department. I’m wondering if this invented past squashes any chance of a second season or not.

In the end it had its share of ups and downs and the animation got pretty damn janky in places, but I liked it enough that I’m kinda gonna miss seeing these guys every week.
Out of 5,