Get ready for a lot of failed love confessions.


Hey, do you like anime love confessions? Do you like seeing two characters flounder about for ages without ever actually confessing to each other? Do you consider the very act of confessing to be the height of romance; never mind that actually being in a relationship goes far beyond mere love confessions?

“I’m not gonna accept or reject your love confession for the dumbest reason”

Well, this is probably the series for you. Watch four heterosexual (because of course they are always heterosexual) couples attempt to confess to each other! Or something like that! And in the next episode there are even more new couples! Hooray!!!

Then just… DO IT?????

My Opinion:

Apologies for the somewhat scathing summary up there; I hope it didn’t come off too harsh. I’m just sick of anime treating love confessions as if they were the ONLY BARRIER TO LOVE. There is actually a lot more to a relationship than just confessing one’s love. But most anime only ever deal with love confessions, as if a successful love confession automatically leads to a successful relationship. Sorry, but that’s not how it works. I wish more anime would have the balls to address the issues that come up after two characters have become an established couple, but those series are few and far between. I guess it’s just not an exciting enough premise? Whatever.

So yeah, we get to see four “couples” in this first episode. The first couple (I couldn’t be assed to remember their names) has a girl who is never able to confess her love to the boy she likes, even though the boy clearly has interest in her. The second couple features a girl who’s actually unafraid of confessing, but it’s the boy who never gives a straight answer as to whether he’ll accept her confession or reject it, because “oh noes what if she’s just teasing me?” The third couple was mildly refreshing in that they’re both obviously older students and don’t bother with the “will I or won’t I?” BS; but their dynamic is “this delinquent girl is actually really shy, while the nerdy guy is actually super experienced” or something. It got kinda gross towards the end of their “skit” because the nerdy dude’s actions border pretty heavily on sexual assault and that is NOT COOL. Fourth couple was supposed to be super touching or something, because it features a girl who can never properly confess to her “senpai” and now he’s graduating, boo hoo. Instead the whole thing came off as… rather silly. JUST. CONFESS. GOD DAMMIT.

I am a person who (having stuck through a crapton of middle school/high school anime romance bullshit) has zero patience for these dumb love confession shenanigans. So I will readily admit that this series is not for me. This is another series of shorts, with each episode being around 12 minutes. The animation is alright, even if the characters do feel a bit generic appearance-wise. And well, kudos to the producers for being able to handle so many anime couples in one episode? Too bad I’m not terribly invested in any of them.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this series very much. But if you are the type of person who loves seeing awkward anime couples, then this might be the series for you?

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Because it is at least fairly competently animated and paced well enough. I could see this being entertaining if you’re in the right mindset for it.

Glasses guy’s design is awful. Who the hell wears glasses OVER their hair???