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Natsu and Towa are best friends. The story starts with the two of them entering high school together. Next to the high school is a very popular convenience store that students tend to go to after school hours.

Natsu meets with an old crush at the high school; a girl named Miharu. However, she’s super skittish around him and so the two never really get a chance to talk. Meanwhile, Towa attempts to get closer to the class rep Mami, but she keeps rebuffing his advances.

Obviously the convenience store ends up playing a pretty big role in these teenagers’ romance.

Are these dead-eyed robots supposed to be attractive?

My Opinion:

Watching this the same day as Tsuredure Children was a supremely bad idea. Konbini Kareshi has pretty much the same premise as Tsuredure Children: it’s a series that focuses on a bunch of teenagers who end up pairing up. The only real difference is that in this series, a convenience store plays a pretty important role in getting all the teens together. The other difference is that Konbini Kareshi manages to be a worse series, somehow.

This series is a a full 24 minutes long, and it dragged. At least with Tsuredure Children, multiple stories are juggled at once so you’re not too bored. Here we only focus on two couples, and the series kind of suffers for it. I guess Konbini Kareshi is going for a heavily “slice of life” atmosphere, because the characters talk about super inane stuff. Like what clubs they’re gonna join, what they’re doing in their respective athletic activities, and so on. I mean, yeah, it’s realistic; but that doesn’t make it entertaining to watch.

The animation of this series is awkward. Calling it “bad” seems a bit too harsh so let’s go with “awkward.” The characters all move pretty stiffly. The intro to this episode alone made me super wary about the animation. It featured Natsu running around the town (for reasons that haven’t been revealed yet) and his running animation was incredibly choppy at times. I also noticed a crapload of animation shortcuts. A lot of the “action” scenes are shown off-screen. I.e. Miharu crashing into some stuff at the convenience store, Natsu’s little bro tackling Towa, etc. There were also two major scenes where two characters talked over a montage of them… doing other stuff. Did the animators not want to animate mouthflaps???

Furthermore, the character designs in this series aren’t really appealing. The girls look fine, but the boys look almost uncanny-valley. They look like men in their 20s rather than 15 or 16 year olds. The same-face is much more obvious for the male characters as well. Is it just me or do the male characters look way too tall in comparison to the female characters in this show? Are Japanese teenage boys usually that much taller than teenage Japanese girls? Serious question.

The one good point Konbini Kareshi when compared to Tsuredure Children is that Konbini Kareshi actually has characters that feel fully fleshed out. However, Konbini Kareshi‘s brand of romance seems set to contain a lot more teen angst, which I find a lot less enjoyable to sit through. At least Tsuredure Children‘s stories were kind of cute.

Overall, if you like teen angst and romance, then you’ll probably like this. At least there’s no fanservice and nothing too offensive. For everyone else, this series will likely be a snorefest.

Out of five:

precure heart2 and 1/2

If you think I’m being biased towards teen romances, don’t worry–adult romances bore me just as much.

This review has far less screencaps than usual because there wasn’t anything particularly interesting to cap.