So that happened.

The subs I got for this one are only around in spanish atm (rip nyaatorrents) so I’m mostly going by my Japanese for this and summaries to help me understand everything I need to write the review. My apologies if anything is innacurate.

I know this is based on a novel, so I know there’s a lot of lore involved, and I was right. Right at the very start within the first five minutes, the main character (a genius game programmer) dies and is ressurected in some kind of fantasy land where he’s attacked by giant bugs and saved by a robot reminicent of the figure he purchased before he died. He’s reborn as a silver haired boy in the land and wants to become a ‘Silhouette Knight’. I’m unsure if he’s in the royal family or just a wealthy one, but the ridiculous shiny hair probably shows as much.

The fuck is with that hair.

He turns his programming into becoming a tallented magic user for the land, and meets a couple of people who think he’s a girl (alaaaa, gender ambiguity lol) which doesn’t help when he’s wearing the girls school uniform for some reason. He races through school after proving to his examiners that he can do the work that most people in his grade cannot.

There’s not much to say about this anime other than the animation is pretty impressive, the music is tasteful but not really stand outish, and the story is decent enough. It’s a standard fantasy land rpg type but the difference being that the lead character is a genius rather than adverage, as most go.

All in all, not a bad start to the anime season.

I do like my mechas tho 😉

Out of 5,