This is the main protagonist, and her decent human being boyfriend that you’re NOT supposed to ship her with

Yuma is a shy student who has recently gotten together with her first boyfriend, Takeda. Her best “friend” is Hotaru, who likes to undo her clothing and touch her inappropriately in bathroom stalls, justifying it as “preparing” Yuma for what she will eventually do with her boyfriend. When Yuma kisses Takeda, Hotaru gets jealous and French kisses Yuma on her veranda. Despite Hotaru’s awful behavior throughout the episode, Yuma decides she likes kissing Hotaru more than Takeda.


Instead, you are encouraged to support her cheating with Generic Black-Haired Yuri Anime Girl

This show openly advertises itself as part of the “NTR” genre, a genre of “romance” focused on cheating and cuckolding. If you like that, then Netsuzou tRap (no, that’s not a typo, the R is capitalized and not the T) is probably the perfect show for you. I don’t like it, so it’s not.

The “twist” of the show is that the cheating is not between Yuma and another boy, but Yuma and her female friend Hotaru. I think the viewer was supposed to take Hotaru’s actions – wanting to experience relationship “firsts” with Yuma so that Takeda couldn’t – as romantic. I didn’t find her to be romantic, cute or appealing at all. Touching someone under their skirt in a bathroom stall while they’re saying “no, stop it” is nonconsensual and creepy. Hotaru ticks every box in the “predatory queer” trope that we REALLY need to stop seeing in anime. It’s 2017, folks. Queer romances are and can be and should be consensual, too.

It says something that this show left me, an avid fan of queer romance, actually rooting for the doomed Yuma/Takeda couple. Takeda was the most appealing of the four characters, a generic but good-hearted guy who was shy and happy about having a girlfriend and was really happy about getting to kiss her, oblivious to the fact that she immediately turned around and made out with someone else instead. (Yes, I did say four characters. Hotaru has a boyfriend too. He wasn’t even named in the episode and had about 2 lines. Snore.)

The only good thing about this episode was that it was only 9 minutes long, so I didn’t have to suffer through a full-length episode of that drivel. Despite that, it gets a zero from me. No Dios whatsoever.


Who isn’t even that good of a kisser