Yeah this animation is a bit awkward.


The story of this series revolves around a constantly ill girl named Minori, and her only friends Takashi and Kyouko.

Minori is bullied endlessly for her illness and her situation–both her parents died when she was young. Both Takashi and Kyouko are the only students who feel sorry for her, but they’re both too afraid of defying the school’s status quo to defend Minori.

The episode ends with both of them having regrets over not standing up to the bullies, and foreshadows that something bad will likely happen to Minori soon.

Girl on right is Kyouko, girl on the left is a bitch.

My Opinion:

This is an anime short clocking in at around 9 minutes. To put it bluntly, this is not a pleasant anime. The subject matter may hit a bit too close to home to some people. The bullying here, while certainly a bit exaggerated, still feels relatively realistic in that; yes, kids/teens can be this mean. If you’re the type of person who has bad memories of being bullied, I’d advise to you stay away from a show like this.

A lot of people were upset at Takashi and Kyouko being so “spineless.” And while I was also frustrated at their lack of action, I could also understand. It’s hard to go against the status quo in a school environment, especially if you’re not one of the popular kids. I get the fear, I get that they’re afraid of possibly being bullied as well for helping someone so unpopular in their school. What I’m most glad about is that Takashi and Kyouko are shown to deeply regret their passiveness. I’m sure that by the end of the series, these two will manage to find the courage to stand up to the bullies… or at least, I hope they do.

A large amount of people also complained about this episode’s somewhat low animation and bad voice acting. This is apparently the first series produced by a brand new studio (called “drop”) with completely new voice actors. Some of the VAs seem to go a little too over the top with their voice acting, but I’m sure that will get smoothed out once they get more practice in the VA industry. As for the animation, I do feel that the art style can look a little awkward at times. This is pretty obviously a budget series. But as far as anime shorts go, I’ve seen much worse.

Overall, this felt like an okay episode. I probably won’t stick around to watch more, because this series is a little bit too depressing for me to want to keep up with. If you can forgive the animation and voice acting, this series feels well-paced so far. I like that they’re not rushing through the story, and really showing the extent of bullying that Minori is facing. Seems like they’re making good use of their 9-minute run-time.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

And that ends the summer FIs from me! Whooooo.

I actually went back to the video player to grab a shot of Minori smiling, because gdi she deserves to be happy.