Gonna be blogging this series for the summer anime season.

Her name is Sarah Gold and she’s a treasure hunter. Okay, sure.


In this week’s episode of Restaurant to Another World, we get to see two stories from two new characters.

Sarah Gold is a treasure hunter who happens upon the Nekoya restaurant, based on the diary of another treasure hunter who passed. She doesn’t understand at first why the treasure hunter holds the restaurant in such high esteem. But after eating the special of the day (a minced meat cutlet), she realizes just how special the restaurant really is.

I realized I never really got a good cap of Owner last episode, whoops.

I can’t get over how silly this line sounds?!

Heinrich is a soldier turned nobleman who resides in a fortress. He receives a visit from a famed sword master one day. The sword master only drops by to return Heinrich’s sword, which causes Heinrich to remember how he visited the Nekoya three years ago during a time of great need. His order? Fried shrimp.

The animators just gave up on Heinrich’s story apparently.

My Opinion:

I think this second episode gives a much better idea of how Restaurant to Another World will go. This series will likely be rather episodic in nature, with each episode featuring one or two “one-shot” story featuring a new character. Depending on your tastes, this could be a good or a bad thing. It will mostly depend on whether you find these one-shots to be good.

I personally like these bite-sized stories so far. They’re nothing super amazing, but they do have a bit more depth than I was expecting. I do think Sarah’s story was the stronger of the two this episode. Heinrich’s story was a little bland and the animation quality really dropped during his part. (I guess the animators didn’t care much for Heinrich either?) While these stories are “one-shot” in nature, I think we’ll continue seeing Sarah and Heinrich as background characters, since they’re featured in the OP. So it should be nice to see how full the restaurant will get by the final episode of the series.

With Restaurant to Another World focusing so heavily on food, I can’t not talk about it a little. Again, the animation on the food is really great. I initially did find it kind of weird that the characters from “the other world” would find our food so amazing. But Heinrich’s story essentially revealed why. Modern cooking appliances don’t exist in the other world. Heinrich is amazed by the restaurant being able to serve water with ice (refrigerators and freezers don’t exist in the other world), and is also amazed that the restaurant serves shrimp (only available locally in certain regions of the world). After seeing Heinrich’s story, I’m a bit more understanding of why they’d be so amazed by our cooking now. But having everyone talk about the food they’re eating as if they were all gourmet food connoisseurs does get a bit ridiculous. Though I shouldn’t complain, as this reaction to good food is far better than weird fanservicey scenes (looking at you Shokugeki no Souma).

Overall, this still remains a fairly pleasant and laid-back type of anime. The action scenes in this show… kind of suck but the focus is more on the food anyway so I don’t care too much about it.  Also, I’m surprised that Owner is willing to let people have tabs that they can pay back later considering the temporary nature of the door portals, but I guess he isn’t in super dire need of the other worlders’ gold in the first place. Anyway, I’m happy to be blogging Restaurant to Another World.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2