A First Impression – Hitorijime my hero – 1

Emo kid lol

Random unassuming protagonist? Check. Very different setting to what I expected? Also check.

So we have a dude called Masahiro Setagawa whose part of a gang for the hell of it, and is pretty much their errand boy, who doesn’t believe in heroes for whatever reason. We can assume from the phone call that his parents aren’t really in the picture (and his mother is a prostitute). Pretty much the setup for something interesting, I suppose.

Anyway, they find a malnourished kitten where Setagawa meets another kid looking over the cat, whose name is Kensuke Ooshiba. And his older brother ends up being the ‘Bear Killer’, a known thug who beats up criminals for the hell of it.

The story seems to be connecting four boys together – Setagawa, Bear Killer, Ooshiba and a new character he apparently cut ties with a long time ago, who looks a hell of a lot like Setagawa; Asaya Hasekura. If anything it’s a bit hard for me to tell them apart at times, if only because Setagawa is shown with orange hair a lot at night time. Furthermore, an older fella who might be a teacher. It’s kind of hard to tell at this point – having no background with the series at all.

It’s not a bad series from what I’m seeing so far, especially for a yaoi. Time will tell if it doesn’t go with the stereotypes or if it doesn’t. For now, the series seems pretty interesting for now, so I’m gonna keep watching to see how it goes.

Out of 5;

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