Owner’s and Aletta’s developing friendship is pretty heartwarming.


In this episode, we see the story of a young man named Sirius, who is set to inherit his grandfather’s pasta and sauce business. His grandfather reveals to him the secret of the company’s success: the Nekoya restaurant holds the key. Their order is spaghetti and meat sauce.

I didn’t take many screencaps of the characters this episode because so many shots looked so bad.

In the second half of the episode, we are introduced to Adelheid, the lonely and somewhat ill princess of a small kingdom. She remembers her grandfather taking her to some strange restaurant as a child, where she ate “clouds.” She’s able to discover the restaurant again after her grandfather’s passing, and is served a chocolate parfait on the house.

This is pretty, but I hope the anime’s animation budget didn’t go entirely into backgrounds and close-ups of food…

Wanted to include this picture as this is the first time we’ve gotten a proper look at the other-worlders’ food.

My Opinion:

Okay, what the heck, the animation quality just sort of plummeted in this episode. It was so hard to take any good screenshots this time because of the low animation quality on faraway shots. Other than the animation, there are a few other critiques I have for this episode.

This episode’s theme appears to be “grandchildren and their relationship to their grandfathers,” because both of the characters that got featured in this episode were introduced to the restaurant through their grandfathers. Honestly, I found both stories a bit lackluster. It’s to be expected given how “one-shot” in nature the stories are, and how brief each story is (lasting only about 11 minutes). I have to wonder if this was intentional—we are only able to glimpse one small moment in a day of these characters’ lives; so of course we wouldn’t always be able to get the complete story. If I think about it like that, that makes the plotlines more forgivable.

What I do like a lot about this series so far is that we get small morsels of world-building in each episode. Sirius’ story revealed that the other-worlders have different vegetables and fruits than our world (and it looks strangely angular). That most likely explains why the other-worlders find our food so good. Our cuisine literally doesn’t exist in their world. We also get to see what Owner does with all the gold coins he obviously can’t spend on our side. He and Sirius’ grandfather have some sort of deal worked out, where Owner trades the money for the other-worlders’ ingredients. Apparently, Owner taste-tests them to make the menu more palatable for the other-worlders when they drop by once a week. That’s an incredible amount of dedication on Owner’s part.

The main thing that bothered me this episode is Adelheid’s story. She’s shown to be sick with… something (the other-worlders called it the “peasant’s disease”). It’s supposedly a pretty bad disease that magic nor medicine can treat (in their world). And we never actually find out if she’s ever cured of it. Obviously it’d be unreal if a simple visit to a restaurant could cure her cough, but I was expecting Owner to maybe get an idea of the cause, and give her some of our world’s medicine. Or something. Instead Adelheid just eats a parfait and she feels better the next day. Okay??? I’m glad that she’s better, and I get the feeling she isn’t entirely cured, but the way the story played out it really does seem like the parfait magically cured her illness, which is all sorts of “wtf.” It’s possible she just needed to eat some high-quality food (although parfaits wouldn’t be something I consider “healthy”); or maybe she just needed something to cheer her up after her grandfather’s passing. Whatever the case, I’m gonna chalk this one up to the anime format not being well-suited to this particular story.

Overall, a fairly decent episode. Somehow, this series can make mundane scenes entertaining to watch. (This whole series is basically about people going to a restaurant and eating really good food.) It also still has sort of a quiet charm about it, and is just really relaxing in general. Unfortunately, the series still has a number of faults that prevent it from getting a four or five rating from me. But I’m still enjoying this series so I’ll continue to stick around.

Out of five:

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