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We finally get to see what Lizardman’s deal is.


The first half of this episode is portrayed in a sort of faux documentary style, focusing on the Lizardmen–half lizard, half human people. Gaganpo is the designated “hero” of his tribe, and makes an excursion to the Nekoya restaurant every week in order to bring back omelette rice to his people. But not before eating his fill, of course.

I hear omelette rice is actually really difficult to make.

The second half of the episode focuses on Fardania, an elf lady from an elf village. While looking for mushrooms in the woods on the anniversary of her mother’s death, Fardania comes across the door to the Nekoya restaurant. When she comes inside, she’s horrified at all the dishes containing meat, seafood, eggs and milk. She asks to be served a dish that doesn’t contain any of these ingredients, to which Owner creates a tofu steak dish especially for her.

I really need to learn to grill tofu in a way that doesn’t cause it to fall apart.

My Opinion:

The animation in this episode was a little less QUALITY, but only because a ton of animation shortcuts were used. In this episode, it felt like the food was given much more focus than in past episodes, leading to a ton of close-up shots and slow pans of the food in question. I don’t actually mind this, as long as the food still looks good. And man, I should really stop watching these episodes before lunch/dinner.

The mock-documentary in the first half of this episode was kind of weird. It was basically just an excuse to info-dump information on the Lizardman at us. But mainly it felt like an excuse to have a narrator well, narrating everything to us. I suppose Lizardmen just aren’t very talkative types. I also feel that it’s unfair that Gaganpo is allowed to gorge himself on good food while the rest of his tribe is only able to eat small bits of it. But anyway, I’m not gonna get too upset about fantasy cultures.

We meet our first elf in the second half of the episode. While it’s great to see a vegan elf, I’m sort of pained by this because Fardania initially acts kind of snobbish, and 1) elves being huge snobs that look down on humans is overdone and cliched; and 2) vegans also tend to be portrayed in media as being snobs and I really kind of wish that would stop. Being vegan myself, I’m just tired of having the vegans/vegetarian characters be kind of asshole-ish with a “holier-than-thou” attitude. Beyond that, I appreciate how accommodating Owner is. And hey, a dish I can actually recreate! I’ve heard of tofu steak though I’ve never actually tried it myself. Here’s a tip for making good tofu dishes: you need a good sauce. Tofu isn’t meant to be eaten straight out of the carton or whatever by itself. You need to season it well. But the good thing about tofu is that it absorbs flavors really easily; so as long as you have a good base sauce or marinade, you’re set. Anyway, I digress.

As a whole, this episode was alright. Somehow, the stories in this episode did feel a little lazier than usual. Also, I have to point out that weird cut between Gaganpo’s and Fardania’s story. Watching this without ads in between the segments, the switch to Fardania’s story seemed way too abrupt. Here’s hoping we get some more interesting stories next week.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Fardania appears in the next episode previews so we’ll likely see a bit more of her next time.