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In the first half of the episode, we finally get to see lion man’s story. His name is Lionel, and he was beaten, captured, and sold off by a half-elf man named Alexander. He was promptly bought by a demon lord and became a gladiator slave. Lionel is given the chance to earn back his freedom by winning arena fights.

This guy only had like seven lines but I already hate him.

Before his first big fight, Lionel spies the door to the Nekoya in his dungeon. Going through it, he’s greeted by a kindly older man and is offered katsudon (pork cutlet rice bowls). Thanks to the good food, Lionel manages to win his first battle easily, and eventually makes a name for himself as a gladiator hero of sorts. He continues to visit the Nekoya weekly to order more katsudon.

In the second half of the episode, we switch to Victoria, a half-elf. Although her parents were both human, she was born as a half elf due to her parents’ bloodline and lineage (which apparently had an elf or half-elf in the mix sometime in the past). Half-elves in Victoria’s world are generally outcasts. But due to her status as a princess, Victoria was able to become a rather powerful sorceress. She’s allowed to do as many magical research experiments as she wishes, although she has to work in secret.

Victoria’s design is my favorite out of all the cast so far.

It is revealed in this episode that Victoria was the one who helped translate the menu for the Nekoya. She drops by the restaurant to eat pudding a la mode.


This was a fairly interesting set of stories this week. The food was a little on the mundane side, but the world-building was really intriguing. We get to learn a lot more about the culture of the “other world.” A lot of discrimination exists, against not only part-demons (like Aletta), but also against beast-men and half-elves.

One of the reasons why I found these sets of stories so much more intriguing than last episode’s is because there is a lot of potential for possible plotlines down the line. The introduction of Alexander could just be a one-shot thing; but it could also hint at his appearance later on, either in someone else’s story or at the restaurant itself. Victoria’s plot also leaves open the possibility for some great new magical inventions in the other world, possibly replicating our world’s modern technology.

Again the animation quality in this series… isn’t super great. It feels like it’s slowly getting worse every episode, which is kinda disheartening to see. I also found the super fanservicey shot of Victoria really out of place. As the episode explains how powerful of a magician Victoria is, we get this weird zoom of her naked (but bathed in glowing light) butt and bust. What the heck? Was this really necessary? Was there really no other way to pad the episode out?

Also, I think I caught an animation error? When Victoria’s first introduced, she’s eating at a table with her family. She gives her cake away to (what I presume) are her niece and nephew. But in the very next scene, the slice is still on her plate? What???

Overall, I still did enjoy this episode much more than last week’s, even if it was essentially one long exposition-fest. The next episode preview also hints at some interaction between the restaurant patrons, FINALLY. As much as I like the laid-back, slow pace of this show, I was wondering if anything big was ever going to happen. Also, will we finally see this black-haired elf girl that’s shown so prominently in the OP?

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

That’s an extremely generous portion.