Restaurant to Another World Episode 6

We finally get another Aletta-focused episode.


In this week’s episode, the focus switches back to Aletta as she explains how a typical work-day at the restaurant goes. The usual customers (from past episodes) drop by, and order their favorite dish. Somehow, a fight breaks out over what goes best in sandwiches.

Don’t act all high and mighty now. Didn’t you guys argue about what goes best with rice in episode 1?
Heinrich’s not a bad person, but damn does he look like the smuggest ass in this cap.

At the end of the day, after all the customers have left, Owner teaches Aletta how to make steamed potatoes.

My Opinion:

This episode was a little underwhelming, to be honest. It was nice to see the customers interact, but not so they could argue over what the best meal is. This already happened in the first episode! We don’t need a rehash of this segment, except with sandwiches instead of rice.

I always thought that the customers being so obsessed with one food item was a bit strange. It’s understandable, since they are only able to visit the restaurant once a week, and thus if they don’t eat their favorite food THAT week, then they have to wait seven more days. And I guess it’s kind of cute that they are so well-known for their favorite food that they have nicknames based on them. But at the same time, it feels like the returning characters are quickly become one-note characters–because that’s ALL they talk about now; that’s all their personality revolves around. I know I shouldn’t expect too much from such an episodic series, but it’s kind of sad to see these characters basically reduced to “joke” characters who are only known for “eating that one dish a lot”.

The food in this episode was also a bit underwhelming as well. There’s nothing bad about simple dishes, don’t get me wrong; it’s just that we don’t even really get to see the sandwiches that these guys were talking about. At least the characters do describe the sandwiches in great detail, so one could still make it based on the their descriptions. We do at least get a good glimpse at the steamed potatoes that Owner teaches Aletta how to make. Potatoes aren’t necessarily the most exciting things to look at, but the animators were able to make steamed potatoes (with butter) look delicious.

The best thing about this episode was that we finally see some character development from Aletta. She appears to be handling the waitress job pretty well, and even appears to be on friendly terms with some of the regulars (like Miss Gold). I guess the series wanted to wait until there was a full restaurant before they showed off Aletta’s typical workday. We also get a glimpse at Aletta’s life in the other world through conversations she has with the other characters. She’s still not doing too well (can’t find a stable job), but at least she’s surviving.

While this episode wasn’t anything too special, it was nice to see Aletta get the focus again. She is still one of the more charming characters in this series. I’m also fairly excited for the next episode. We finally meet the dark haired elf girl, and finally get some kind of plot? The red dragon lady appears to be heavily involved next episode, which I’m glad for.

Anyway, out of five for this episode, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Aletta needs a nendoroid badly.

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