Restaurant to Another World Episode 7

Owner’s predecessor is supremely badass.


The episode begins with a short plotline about an admiral named Alphonse Flugel who was stranded on a deserted island for 20 years. During his 20 years on the island, he happened upon a door to the Nekoya restaurant. After being rescued, Flugel attempts to seek the restaurant out again. Three months later, Flugel manages to find another doorway to the Nekoya.

Curry rice. Japanese-styled curry rice has a unique taste compared to Indian-styled curry. I highly recommend trying it if you’re able to.
The most ridiculous scene in this entire series so far.

Flugel’s favorite dish at the restaurant is curry rice. However, Owner has a new curry rice dish he wants to unveil, and asks Flugel for his opinion. The dish is chicken curry. During this moment, a strange, black-haired girl with elf-like ears walks in. Flugel, after ordering his second dish of curry rice, decides to buy some chicken curry for the girl as well. The strange girl becomes rather fond of it, eating multiple dishes of the stuff, even after all the other customers have left.

Holy crap, world-building!
She’s got a nice design.

Near the Nekoya’s closing time, Red (the dragon lady) drops in. She immediately recognizes the strange girl as another dragon, named Kuro. They have a brief telepathic talk, where Red warns Kuro not to mess around with “her” restaurant. Red then tells owner to take Kuro on as another waitress, and to pay her in chicken rice.

This was the best cap I could get of Red, sob

My Opinion:

The start of this episode was alright. I don’t care very much for Flugel, since his only personality is “really impatient and also really likes curry.” But Kuro’s introduction was what made this episode for me.

When we’re introduced to Kuro, we also get a hefty bit of worldbuilding. Aletta’s world, the “other world,” was created after a group of dragons fought a being known as the Chaos of Many Tentacles. After its defeat, the world became inhabited with humans, elves, demi-humans, etc. The dragons divided this world up among themselves. Kuro, who is “the dragon of death,” discovered that her weakest death magic still killed the new inhabitants of the world. Since she didn’t want to kill innocent people, Kuro decided to take the territory at the farthest ends of the universe, where no beings lived. However, the Nekoya door still materialized there, allowing her to come into contact with other individuals after many long years of isolation.

I really liked this bit of world-building because 1) it establishes how Aletta’s world was created; 2) it establishes that the dragons of Aletta’s world are basically gods; and 3) it sort of establishes that the Nekoya restaurant’s doors appear to those who need it most. I really have to wonder how the magical doors came into existence in the first place, because Red seems to imply that she found a doorway and didn’t actually create it herself.

Anyway, Kuro… immediately becomes infatuated with the first dish she tries. And is now apparently a worker at the restaurant. Wasn’t she super afraid of accidentally killing people due to her powers? Is it really a good idea to have her working at a restaurant? Or are her death powers only active when she’s in her dragon form? These questions were unfortunately not at all addressed in this episode. But looking past that, I do think Kuro is a good addition to the cast. Aletta’s too used to working at the restaurant now, so we needed another newbie waitress to train. Hopefully Kuro will find some kind of happiness too–while her powers are bad, she isn’t a bad person herself.

Overall, I thought this was a good episode that finally has something in the way of plot. The animation was unfortunately still kind of subpar. Flugel looked super QUALITY in many of his scenes, and even Red couldn’t escape the awkward animation at times. (Also, Red didn’t get as much screentime as I was hoping, dang.) The next episode preview shows us a bit of Aletta’s life in the “other world” which looks promising. Hopefully Aletta manages to finally do well for herself in her own world, because she definitely deserves it.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2


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