Restaurant to Another World Episode 8

More new customers.


In this episode, we get a small glimpse at the developing romantic relationship between the young fisherman Rokei, and his mermaid/priestess-in-training friend Arte. After rescuing Rokei from a storm, she asks Rokei for 10 silver coins and tells him to meet at a certain spot on a certain day. It is here that Rokei discovers the Nekoya restaurant, and quickly becomes a regular. Their orders? Hamburg steak.

A pretty hefty meal. Amazingly, Rokei and Arte put in a second order.

In the second half of the episode, we find out that Aletta finally has a stable job in the Other World; working as a housemaid for Sarah Gold. To congratulate her, Owner hands her a gift box of cookies from the bakery above the Nekoya restaurant. After bringing the box back with her to the Other World, Sarah’s sister–Shia–suddenly drops by one day. Although she’s suspicious of Aletta at first (due to Aletta’s part-demon appearance), Shia soon becomes friends with Aletta after she serves Shia some of the cookies.

Furthermore, Shia asks Aletta to help her buy more of the cookies.

I think it was brought up in the first episode, but it’s more apparent now that the restaurant is an underground one–which explains why there aren’t any windows in the Nekoya.
Based on Shia’s appearance and the fact that she had a personal carriage-driver, Sarah’s and Shia’s family must be rather wealthy.

My Opinion:

This was a cute episode. This episode is extremely “slife-of-life,” since… nothing much really happened. But it was still very enjoyable.

I didn’t care much for Rokei’s and Arte’s story as it felt extremely rushed and therefore lost a lot of its impact. I get that they were going for a heartwarming romance story but… we barely know these characters, plus Rokei and Arte seem a bit bland (sorry). It’s going to take more than ten minutes to make me feel invested in these characters. The food-eating scene in their story also felt weirdly rushed to me as well.

Aletta’s story, on the other hand; although much more mundane than Rokei and Aletta’s, felt a lot more carefully crafted. It was just a story of Aletta obtaining cookies, sharing them with Sarah’s sister, and making a new friend. But I really liked this story because it shows us that Aletta finally has a stable job (hooray!). She’s also working under Sarah Gold, one of the regular restaurant customers. So it’s thanks to Aletta’s part-time job that she was able to get a full-time job. I’m really glad Aletta finally managed to catch a break. It’s also nice to see that she’s confident enough now not to keep hiding her horns in the Other World. Granted, she still does face some discrimination, as Shia looked down on her initially. Shia was fortunately able to be won over with cookies–which is, admittedly, silly and overly simplistic. But seeing Shia and Aletta become such quick friends is heartwarming.

We get a bit of world-building for the Other World in this episode. Rokei finally explains how the currency system works (1 gold coin = 100 silver coins; 1 silver coin = 10 bronze coins). We also get to see a bit of the architecture in the Other World, thanks to Aletta being employed by Sarah Gold. We had only really seen fancy castles or houses before, and I was wondering what a more “normal” person’s house would look like.

Overall, this was a pleasant episode with not too much QUALITY animation. Kuro is shown to be working at the restaurant, but she barely gets a mention or any screentime. I was expecting her to get a lot more screentime, as she’s a new employee. I wasn’t too upset by this, but I hope she gets more screentime later on. Aletta’s still the closest we have to a “main character” but you can’t introduce a new employee just to shove them aside like this.

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Looks like Aletta also kept her pigtails hairstyle from working at the restaurant.

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