Restaurant to Another World Episode 9

Kinda wish Kuro had more focus since her first appearance…


In the first story of this episode, a dwarf introduces his (also a dwarf) friend to the Nekoya restaurant. They eat a ton of fried seafood, drink a lot of beer, and basically get wasted together.

The dwarves.

In the second half of the episode, we meet Prince Shareef. He oversees his kingdom in the Land of Sand with his sister, Princess Renner. Thanks to Shareef and Renner, iced coffee has become a hit amongst their people. The siblings both discovered this new drink thanks to the Nekoya restaurant.

Shareef has recently fallen for Princess Adelheid because of their excursions to the Nekoya, but is too afraid to talk to her. During a weekly visit to the Nekoya (Shereef orders iced coffee while Renner orders a melon soda float), Renner helps to “break the ice” between Shereef and Adelheid.

Well, she won’t know you’re interested unless you actually make some effort to tell her…
Renner is really pretty.
Why was the animation quality so good in this scene? It was almost movie-quality! Also, this is actually Renner’s mom, which begs the question: “why does Renner look exactly like her mom”

My Opinion:

This was a pretty cute episode. The animation quality was unfortunately pretty bad during the dwarves’ story. Although I found the dwarves annoying at first, their eagerness at trying the restaurant’s food and alcohol was kind of charming. I know they’re not exactly nice to look at (they’re basically old men… but short), it’s kind of sad that the animation got a bit choppy and was really low quality for their section. While the food is still nicely animated, there wasn’t much focus on their fried fish platter. Most of the attention was instead put on the beer and whisky that the two tried. I don’t drink, so I can’t really relate; but I have heard that fried foods go nicely with alcohol. Anyway, moral of the story is that you should probably never go against a dwarf in a drinking competition.

The animation got upped during Shereef’s and Renner’s segment. We get a brief bit of worldbuilding for the Land of Sand, which is essentially an Arabic-inspired area. It was actually fairly interesting to learn about this place. In Shereef’s and Renner’s kingdom, many of the people are magic users, due to their extreme environment (a desert). Shereef and Renner are revealed to only be half-siblings, with Renner’s mom being a powerful magic user. It was really nice to see how close Shereef and Renner are. Renner gets mad a lot at Shereef during this segment, but only because he’s too shy to strike up a conversation with Adelheid. We get some slight political talk (Shereef and Adelheid ARE royalty after all); but I think that Renner mostly wants her brother and Adelheid together because that would make Shereef happy.

Other than the weird jumps in animation quality in this episode, I found it lazy that Renner basically has the same character design as her mom. They’re basically clones. They could have at least given Renner’s mom a different hairstyle. I should probably just be happy that Shereef and Renner are actually dark-skinned, because far too many other anime do not handle that aspect well. I kind of wish that we could have seen the siblings’ first visit to the Nekoya, as they are already established restaurant-goers when we see their story. Oh well. Also, we only get to see Renner enjoying her drink because FANSERVICE I guess.

Overall, this was a pleasant episode. We get some more interaction between the restaurant customers, which is something I feel should happen way more often. Kuro also desperately needs more screentime. Next episode, we finally see the fairies from the OP.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Baww I want a melon float now…

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