WOO sorry about that, I’m waaaaay behind due to getting zero chances to actually watch the past 4 episodes or so. Time to catch up!

anyone else got the cruella de vil song in their head or is that just me

Riko and Reg have made it to the Base Camp, where Ozen is. Although Riko was excited to meet someone who once adventured alongside her mother Lyza, the feeling doesn’t seem to be mutual. Ozen makes no effort to keep her dislike of Riko secret, even admitting that she wished that Lyza had abandoned baby-Riko instead of using so much energy and effort to transport her back to the surface. Despite all this, she lets Riko and Reg stay the night.
Also at the camp is Marulk, a cute boy who dresses like a maid for reasons unexplained. Unlike Ozen, Marulk is really happy to meet Riko and Reg, because he never gets to meet anyone his age. He mentions that, even though Ozen appears unfriendly, it’s thanks to her that he’s alive, as she took him in after he fell into the abyss and nearly died. However, due to a sunlight sensitivity he can no longer return to the surface, curse of the abyss or not, and presumably has to stay in the base camp forever.
There’s something offputting about the base camp, and its not just Ozen’s personality. On a night-time toilet trip Riko runs into a horrific headless monster, but after running away and hiding from it, it seems to disappear. As if things couldn’t get unnerving enough, Ozen tells her the following day that there’s no way that Lyza is still alive, and that the letter she has isn’t her handwriting.

Marulk is so dang cute, although the head-pouches are kinda weird.

Sparkly Riko is so cute.

So uh, in the last episode I said I wanted to know more about ‘that girl’, and I sure did find out more – Marulk is a boy, for one, which just makes me want to know even more about him. I don’t know if he’s going to be a particularly important character, which is kind of sad, because he mentions how lonely is and now Riko and Reg are going to have to leave him already. Even if Ozen saved his life, it’s unclear if she’s particularly good company at all…especially because she acts so goddamn weird and offputting. (that smile, dang. I know she’s probably seen a great deal of shit in the Abyss and is likely not all there mentally, but this episode did a really good job of making her presence uncomfortable, from her expressions to her voice.)

I was actually surprised that Ozen let Riko and Reg into the camp, because the way the previous episode ended I expected her to shut them out and for the meeting to not happen at all. (and by the way, seriously, what is the actual logic of requiring an elevator thing to get into this camp? ie something that ascends? In the abyss, which we keep establishing actively punishes humans who try to ascend? This is addressed, by the way – Riko gets sick and vomits from the elevator’s ascent, and I just can’t help but wonder why the hell the camp was constructed in such a way, unless it was unavoidable in order to keep it out of the way of monsters.)  I assume that Ozen greatly respected Lyza and she does feel some sense of duty to help her daughter, even if she isn’t happy about it.

As for whether she’s telling the truth about Lyza, I’m definitely not buying that, not now at least. It’s of course possible that Ozen merely thinks Lyza is dead, but there’s also the slim possibility that she’s trying to stop Riko from going deeper.

As for whatever the hell that monster was – to be honest, I assumed it was Ozen and just something that happens to her every night at first. If it’s not something from within the camp, there’s a pretty big security risk if something got in somehow.

The fact that Reg is way more scared of monsters than Riko is really cute to me.

”hey kid wanna climb some STAIRS haha up yours”

Out of 5,



Episode 7

This cube is incredibly unsettling. For so many reasons!

Ozen takes Reg and Riko to see the mysterious cube artifact that, allegedly, can safely contain lifeforms to protect them from the effects of the abyss. It had already been said that Riko was placed inside this cube as a baby and brought out of the abyss that way, which is how she didn’t die from the ascent. However, it turns out this cube is not what Riko expected. According to Ozen, it does not protect anything at all, it actually just reanimates dead tissue.
Riko was apparently a stillborn, but putting her into the cube brought her to life. And that headless monster from last night? It was actually originally a hunk of meat that Ozen threw in the cube last night for shits and giggles.
Which would mean that things reanimated by the cube have an expiration date, as the monster apparently reverted back to meat pretty quickly – meaning that Riko must, as well.

Both Riko and Reg are horrified at this, and even moreso when Ozen announces that she needs to kill Reg before he regains his memories. In the resulting fight Riko is gravely injured, as well as Reg, who is unable to match Ozen’s incredible strength – as she forces him to use his Incinerator and blacks out.

When the two awaken, Ozen’s cave raider squad are all there, having come after Marulk ran off to get help. However, the entire business turns out to be an elaborate test Ozen conducted in order to measure Reg’s strength. Disappointed with how he couldn’t even beat her – given that the monsters from here on out are much stronger than her – she concludes that both of them still need training. Oh, and she lied about Lyza being dead, too. Ain’t she just a stinker.


She is also -extremely- tall, although Reg and Riko are also extremely short.

Well this episode sure was a ride.
I actually have no idea what to make of Ozen anymore. At first I assumed she was only pretending to be terrible but still cared about Riko, then I thought she actually was terrible, but it turns out it’s a bit of both. Yes, she wasn’t ‘really’ trying to kill Riko and Reg, but what the actual hell? She probably would have if Marulk didn’t run for help. She insists it was just to test Reg’s strength, but she very deliberately made him point his Incinerator at Riko and could have very easily killed her. Unless she just figured that if Reg couldn’t stop her then Riko was better off dying here than going any further into the abyss…but still. Ozen, you’re kinda a psychopath. Since she was also also lying about Lyza being dead, I’m wondering if she was also lying about the cube thing, and whether or not Riko being stillborn is true or not. Unfortunately it’s never brought up again even after Ozen confesses to acting not out of malice but for, as said before, shits and giggles.

And seriously…watching Ozen basically beat the crap out of these children was a little painful to watch. Part of me likes Ozen because her unsettlingness is so well done, but she’s such a dick.(Also, she plans to punish Marulk for running for help, which implies that she would have said ‘fuck it’ and killed both of them otherwise had Reg failed the test – which he technically did. But at the end of the day, she does have a point, dickish as it may be: Reg won’t be able to defend Riko from monsters stronger than Ozen if he can’t beat Ozen. (ok another aside, I really gotta wonder what this author’s obsession with being strung up naked as a punishment is. It’s getting kinda weird.)

I don’t know how long this ‘training’ is going to last, but hopefully it’s not too long. Their first ‘assignment’ is to survive 7 days in the forest with the gear they have. While Ozen says there isn’t any particularly dangerous animals in this part of the forest, that does seem deceptively easy.

Seeing them cry all over each other over going through Ozen’s BS was kind of heartwarming.

Lyza looked real cute in this flashback. The way they talked about Ozen and her working together I assumed they were the same age, but Ozen’s apparently way over 50, what the hell.

Out of 5,