Victoria: the restaurant’s resident sweets expert.


The door suddenly appears one day in the fairies’ realm. Tiana, Queen of the Land of Flowers, leads a few of her fairy followers through the door to see what’s beyond it. They end up at the restaurant and speak with Victoria, who recommends a fruit crepe. Tiana and her fairy entourage end up liking it so much that Tiana gathers all of the fairy folk with her to visit the restaurant on subsequent trips.

The fairies are so small…

As the fairy queen, Tiana gets a much more elaborate design than the other fairies.

In the second half of the episode, we check back in with Fardania, who is apparently on a quest to discover some more of her world’s more unusual ingredients. She meets with her father’s best friend, an elf from another elven village who is named Christian. Christian has been trying to make fermented elf beans. He got the idea after having tried food from “the other world.”

Kinda convenient that the door portals open up in a lot of different places.

There is another door to the Nekoya nearby, and Christian and Fardania drop in. Christian orders natto spaghetti for himself and Fardania. Although Fardania enjoys it, she quickly discovers that natto goes much better with rice. Back in their world, Christian gives Fardania a gift of miso, made from elf beans.

Uhhh… okay.

My Opinion:

This episode was basically fanservice, but whatever. The fairies were cute, Fardania was cute. It was just a cute episode overall.

I do wish we could have seen more of the other fairies, because Queen Tiana hogged most of the focus. I also found the close ups of Tiana eating to be a bit… weird. Thankfully that scene didn’t last too long. The fairies are probably the only group so far that is able to feed ALL of its people at the restaurant, but only because they don’t need to eat too much in the first place, haha.

I found Tiana’s “friendship” of sorts with Victoria pretty adorable. Like with Adelheid’s secret admirer last episode, I hope Restaurant to Another World doesn’t just completely drop that plot point by the next episode. I just want more customer interactions, dang it!

We also get to see what Fardania’s been up to. I’m glad to see that she doesn’t seem to look down on humans so much anymore. It’s subtle, but it’s definitely some character development. As far as the elves in this series go, Christian seems pretty chill for an elf. I really like how soft and gentle his voice sounds. I have to laugh at him for trying to ferment beans, though. I think it made him a little bit of an outcast in his village for how weird his house smells from all the fermenting beans (lol). Sadly, Christian seems to be a one-shot kind of character, a.k.a. a customer that doesn’t visit the restaurant often. We probably won’t see him again.

A lot of CR commentors were repulsed by the thought of natto spaghetti. This is probably the first dish on the show that doesn’t exactly look appetizing, I got to admit. I have never tried natto myself so I can’t say how good it’d be on spaghetti. (At least… it’s vegan?) But Fardania had the right idea in putting it on rice. Natto probably pairs much better with rice than wheat noodles.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode. It was a really relaxing watch even if there wasn’t too much happening. An episode with fairies AND some slight plot/character development? I feel spoiled. There wasn’t too much QUALITY ANIMATION this time around either (unless I missed it). Next episode seems like some more PLOT is going down, so I’m pretty excited.

What the heck, this episode was really pleasant so; out of five:

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A cutie-pie.