Made in Abyss Episodes 8 and 9

Even in the horrifying abyss, there is beauty.

Reg and Riko’s ‘test’ doesn’t get dwelled on much – the forest is dangerous, but it’s nothing they can’t handle and the ten days pass like a breeze. However, there is a reason for this – Ozen explains that time seems to pass differently at the lower levels compared to the higher ones – so for her, it felt like they were gone a lot longer. She also raises the possibility that – right at the bottom of the Abyss – it’s likely that time passes far quicker than anywhere above it, which would mean that from Lyza’s point of view she’s barely been gone that long at all – and it’s likely that she’s alive.
Ozen definitely does hope that Lyza is still alive – and a further flashback reveals that she may have actually had feelings for her (which were dashed when Lyza suddenly announced her marriage to Riko’s ridiculously baby-faced father). And yes, the stillborn-Riko stuff is still true, although it’s never actually explained why they put dead-Riko into the cube to begin with…

It’s finally time for Reg and Riko to be on their way, but Orza has another warning. She still doesn’t believe that the letter (which was written on an indestructible Relic and not paper like they assumed) is Lyza’s handwriting, which could mean someone/thing is with her. She also tells them to be wary of the other white whistles, because apparently most of them aren’t as ‘nice’ as her, oh boy.

riko’s dad looks 8 years old lmao
…I kinda wish Ozen did let Riko hug her…

I feel kinda bad for being so hard on Ozen in the last review. She’s still a freak and all but she’s really grown on me, because she’s such an interesting character and I feel bad for her. Of course you’re going to be a little fucked up if you live in the Abyss and have been through what she has. It really makes me wonder whether Lyza herself will be totally sane when, or if, Riko ever meets her. But you really do get the sense that she cared deeply about Lyza (and seemed to be in love with her too, despite the age difference) and is trying to help Riko in her own effed up way. I did really like the flashbacks in this episode about Ozen and Lyza – I’d been wondering why Lyza would abandon Riko like that, but apparently it’s because the call of the Abyss was too great and she wanted Riko to be able to decide for herself if she wanted to go in or not. So…hmm. Not exactly parent of the year material, but at least she does genuinely seem to love her daughter, because I was actually wondering if she never wanted to meet her assuming her letter was fake.

I’m glad the ‘test’ part went by so quickly because it didn’t seem like it would be terribly interesting (and to be honest it wasn’t, although there were some nice visuals).  Even though it’s only been a few episodes, it does seem like they’ve been in the camp a little too long so I was glad to see them finally on their way again at the end… although that comes at the expense of leaving poor Marulk behind. They get a pretty nice and heartfelt goodbye scene with him, at least.

Riko is also given one of Lyza’s old weapons, so it’ll be interesting to see how this comes into play given that Reg’s Incinerator has such a massive disadvantage in using it.

marulk noooo (and he still wears those pouches on his head under a hat. WHAT ARE THEY.)
So this is the first time you see Lyza’s face at all…and is it just me or does she look stylistically different to every other character in the show? Nobody else has eyes like this – even Riko seemed to inherit her dad’s eyes. She’s awesome, though.

Out of 5,


Episode 9

Hey, remember these guys? They still exist!

Reg and Riko have made it to The Great Fault, a part of the Abyss that is a huge vertical drop filled with flying monsters. Even with Reg’s handy-dandy extendable arms, it’s not something that can be climbed down easily as the walls of the Fault are far too smooth. Luckily, there is a network of tunnels in the cave walls that travel downwards.
The tunnels are home to many cute little rabbit-like creatures (which Riko is happy to eat), but unfortunately plenty of the monsters are in there as well. For example, something called a Madokajack – which Reg ends up having to use his Incinerator on. Unfortunately, before they can get to safety a Crimson Splitjaw also appears – actually the same one from the first episode, and with Reg unable to fire the Incinerator a second time (and trying to fight the 2-hour loss of consciousness he always suffers from it), they only barely manage to escape.
Before Reg completely blacks out, he tells Riko to stay put until he wakes up. Because Riko is Riko, she does not, carries Reg off with her to look for food – which leads her straight into the waiting jaws of a carnivorous plant. Luckily she is able to stab her way out again, although the scent on her causes a bunch of the cute bunny things to try to eat her alive. Eventually she gets away, although the only way to proceed is upwards – which has all the fun effects ascending in the Abyss usually does, although this time with audiovisual hallucinations.

Riko manages to hallucinate her mother coming to take her back to the surface and be greeted by a huge parade before Reg not being there snaps her out of it, and she realizes, again, how important he is to her. So you’d think she’d actually listen to him, although luckily he wakes up again in time to defend her from the reappearing monster. This time, he uses the staff that Ozen gave them, and after defeating the beast, the next level of the Abyss awaits.

I’m surprised this doesn’t cause a cave-in.
Reg: okay riko do not go ANYWHERE while I’m unconscious. Riko: instructions unclear, ended up in a carnivorous plant’s stomach

I spent an awful lot of this episode wanting to scream at Riko through the screen for not doing the one thing Reg told her to, stay the hell where you are. Pretty much every danger she encountered between Reg blacking out and waking up again would have been avoided if she’d stayed the hell put. I’m surprised Reg wasn’t angrier when he woke up after realizing he was very obviously not in the same place he blacked out in. I wonder if her tearfelt realization of how she can’t do this without Reg will also make her realize that what she was doing was, technically, without him. Come on, dude. Two hours isn’t that long a time to sit around and wait.

That said, the ‘audiovisual hallucinations’ were a lot less scary than I expected them to be – I was expecting some terrifying visuals, but she only saw her friends and mother – and until her mother appeared, she knew they were hallucinations. So all things considered, Riko actually did pretty well without Reg to help her – although she’s lucky that he woke up when he did. But…seriously. Why did neither of them use the staff until now. Reg didn’t want to use his incinerator against the Madokajack because he knew he’d black out, so why didn’t he use the staff then?! I’m just going to assume he forgot, because…uh, I kinda forgot about it too.

At the start of the episode we see Riko’s friends from the surface discussing where in the Abyss they think she is, and it reminded me of how there was that weird plot thread about kids dying on their birthdays that didn’t seem to go anywhere. Is that going to come back again? There was a weird amount of foreshadowing for something to just get forgotten like that.

Anyway, I just realized that Made in Abyss will be two cours instead of one like I originally thought. I don’t mind because I’m enjoying the show a lot and thought 13 episodes definitely felt too short – but I do really hope I can blog the whole thing, even if I take ages like I am now.

(i was happy to see Marulk again if he wasn’t real)
I love how much they love each other ;_;

Out of 5,


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