I really love this water-color style.


There’s a very slight focus on Kuro this episode, as we see how things at the restaurant are from her perspective. Red has instructed her to protect both Owner and Aletta, and Kuro seems to enjoy working at the restaurant herself.

The two sirens… who look more like harpies… who look kind of like angels.

In this episode, we’re also introduced to two “sirens.” After finding Alphonse’s island, the two decide to stay there and make the island their new nesting place. Soon enough, the two eventually find the door to the Nekoya. Seeing as they love raw fish, Owner serves them carpaccio. It’s pretty clear that the will be regulars at the restaurant from now on.

These two had a super cute design though.

Towards closing time, Owner has dinner with Aletta and Kuro, serving them all curry buns. After the meal, Aletta leaves to go back to the other world. She gives Kuro a goodbye, and Kuro responds in turn–using her own voice.

Kuro is still very pretty.

My Opinion:

This was a very charming episode. The two “sirens” we are introduced to actually look more like harpies, although they still have magical singing powers. We also actually only get a stated name for one of them–the blond-haired one being called “Arius.” Beyond that… I’m not sure what the deal is with the two sirens. Are they siblings? Friends? Lovers? Arius’ gender is also left pretty vague. Still, they were great Nekoya customers. Their enthusiasm and childlike wonder at everything in the restaurant was pretty adorable. Also, for sirens these two are rather friendly and seem pretty harmless. Well, as long as they’re not singing. They accidentally did hypnotize Owner and Aletta, but thank goodness Kuro was there to stop them.

Speaking of Kuro, the girl finally gets some more focus since her debut episode. It was nice to be able to finally get her perspective on things. Kuro has apparently mastered control over her human form enough that she’s not worried about accidentally killing people anymore; and is instead now working to protect the people at the restaurant (in addition to her chicken curry payment, of course). Amazingly, she was willing to try new food in this episode. It was still a curry-related dish, but hey; that’s something! ┬áKuro also got some slight character development at the end, by beginning to speak using her own voice instead of through telepathy like usual. I hope that sticks and she’s still taking like this in the next episode; because it would be a shame for her to go back to speaking “normally” after clearing such a character development milestone.

There was some QUALITY ANIMATION this episode, although it wasn’t too bad. It was pretty noticeable but thankfully didn’t occur in too many scenes. I also noticed that there wasn’t too much focus on the food this time, probably because of all the”plot” that happened. The segments where the characters describe the food in great detail seemed pretty rushed and kind of glossed over.

Overall, this was just a cute episode. Restaurant to Another World is just such a relaxing series. Nothing happens, and yet I’m still invested. Anyway, the next episode previews show that a character from a previous episode is returning. Hopefully the dude doesn’t run into Lionel…

Out of five:

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Don’t think I forgot about you from episode 5, you half-elf asshole.