A First Impression: Osomatsu-san (S2) Episode 1

“S2” is going to be the shorthand I use for all second season anime that don’t have new titles.

To be perfectly honest… not really.


In this first episode, real-life bleeds into the Osomatsu-san universe as the Matsuno brothers are now famous and living the good life. They have tons of fans, tons of money, and can basically slack off and do as they please. That is… until the critics start showing up.

I think the only reason I can smile at this sgement is because I was never obsessed with the Matsuno brothers… and I still don’t entirely get the appeal the bros had among fangirls. The sextuplets aren’t even “hot”?
Nice to see you, Totoko.

In the second half of the episode, the Matsuno bros attempt to live a “proper” life in response to critics—which is basically just an excuse for the animators to bring in all different types of animation styles. Life again seems good… until the critics show up yet again.

In the end, the brothers are resigned to their usual pathetic ways.

This 3D animation style was really nice… but man does it look really creepy in screenshots.

My Opinion:

Although I did initially blog most of Osomatsu-san (season 1), my interest in the series really tanked around the latter half of the first season. I felt that the jokes were not as clever and some episodes were just dull to sit through. The fandom community also contributed to my “burnout” on this series. The Western fandom was among the top 3 worst and most toxic fandoms I have ever witnessed. The Eastern fandom was a bit better, but people were wildly obsessed and there was just SO MUCH MERCH. It was too much merchandise, way too soon. For a time, there was almost a new piece of merch that appeared every day on Amiami. Things were ridiculous.

Despite all that, I was still interested in giving the second season a try. The “Osomatsu fever” had died down a bit, and after a year and a half I had stopped being mad at the series and was just kind of indifferent to it. Honestly, watching the first episode of the second season of Osomatsu-san felt a little like visiting an old friend. It’s got the same type of crude humor and great animation as the first season; the only difference is that it’s brand new material. So that should be fun.

I was wondering what topic the series would be tackling in its break-in episode for the new season, and it’s surprisingly about fangirls and critics. There are some parodies of animation tropes present, but the episode itself essentially boils down to a “take that” at fangirls and critics. I’m usually not the type of person who likes “take that” episodes in anime/cartoons. Many times they just come off as excessively preachy, whiny, or mean-spirited. But I liked this episode because it was just so on point. I didn’t even mind them poking fun at fangirls as I’ve seen some pretty weird crap in the fandom.

Did I mention how good the animation was in this episode? It was GREAT. (I guess this is where all the merchandise money went?) Even though I may not always like Osomatsu-san’s brand of humor, at least the animation is generally fluid and just fun to watch. Even with their likely expanded budget due to all the merch sales, I’m wondering how long they can keep this animation quality up. More importantly, I’m also wondering if they can keep their writing quality up. Comedy is notoriously hard to write well, simply because not everyone will find the same things funny. Humor is very subjective. While this first episode did not make me laugh out loud, it did make me smile at least; so there’s that.

Overall, this was a pretty typical Osomatsu-san episode—and by that I mean one of the better ones. I thought this first episode was good. At this point I’m not sure if I will have the motivation to blog this series again. Season one ended on a disappointing note, so I’m kind of wary of being let down again. If no new fall season anime catches my interest, then I might consider this.

Out of five, I give this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Welcome back, guys.


One thought on “A First Impression: Osomatsu-san (S2) Episode 1

  1. Junko October 3, 2017 / 8:24 pm

    Having lived through the Matsupocalypse in Japan, I swear, watching this episode was like watching a war movie.

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