Houseki no Kuni Episode 4

‘Geez, can’t a guy get some privacy?’

Although he’d been in meditation for the past few episodes, Master Kongo is finally awake again – although he’s a little bit troubled about how long he was out for – especially because he dreamed about the Lunarians surrounding him. Meanwhile, Phos converses with the slug – as they’re the only one who seems to be able to understand its language (or hear it at all). The slug introduces itself as Ventricosus, who rules over the Admirabilis in the sea. The Admirabilis are apparently also hunted and kidnapped by the Lunarians for their shells, and end up being fattened up on the moon to ludicrous sizes which causes them to lose their ability for rational thought – hence why the slug regained its personality when it reverted to a small size – not because of absorbing any of Phos.

Phos is still upset about not being able to do anything for Cinnabar – especially after they hear that it’s technically thanks to Cinnabar that anyone even thought to look for Phos’s fragments in the shell. Meanwhile Ventricosus (aka King/Ruler, according to Phos) wishes to return to the sea ASAP, and suggests that they could find something there. However to enter the water requires both permission and a protective resin coating – Phos steals the resin, although is unable to get the permission….so they leave anyway, because they’re naughty.

Once under the sea, Ventricosus is able to revert back into its true form – her true form, anyway – a big jiggly jellyfish-like lady (at least, I assume she’s a lady due to said jiggliness, but one can never be certain with this show). She explains to Phos that her people have a legend that when humans died out long ago, they actually split into 3 parts – flesh, bone and soul. The squishy mortal Admirabilis who rule the sea are the Flesh, the hard gemstones on the land are the Bone, and the battle-hungry Lunarians on the moon are the Soul. Whether it’s true or not, the apparent aggressiveness of the Lunarians could thus be explained.

Unfortunately, despite Phos’s efforts in saving Ventricosus, who was not receiving adequate nutrition on land and ran the risk of dying for it – the Admirabilis ultimately betrays them by leading them straight to the Lunarians…as part of a former deal that she would give them Phos in exchange for her brother.

Phos’s faces are all so good.
lol Diamond losing it in the background
Euclase’s hair kinda bugs me, but they’re still pretty cute I guess.

Well, now the anime has surpassed where I was up to in the manga, but I like this series so much I’m going to buy a bunch of the books next time I’m out. I actually hadn’t gotten up to the bit where the slug turned out to be Ventricosus – I had actually seen pictures of her beforehand though, but I never expected they were the same character, so that actually took me by surprise. I still don’t understand how she looks that much like a seaslug, but whatever. I really like her design.

While I also didn’t see the betrayal coming (it also shocked me), I do wonder what exactly Phos was thinking here. I know they’re not the brightest, but going off, alone, with a slug who previously tried to eat you into unknown territory is…kind of pushing it. They even remark at one point that they aren’t worried about getting injured and not being able to return. Maybe they never expected the Lunarians could even appear under water – I certainly didn’t – but just…come on, Phos. Then again, this same episode does reveal that Phos has no understanding of death and dying, so they could just not conceive of anything dangerous underwater.

The mythology of the Admirabilis is very interesting, and it seems likely that it’s true. Ventricosus mentions a theory that the Lunarians hunt the Admirabilis and the gems out of a desire to rejoin the flesh, bone and soul to become human again – either consciously or subconsciously. This definitely invites a lot of questions about whether a human character could theoretically appear later on out of some union of the three…but to be honest what confuses me the most is why the Admirabilis know so much more about them than the gems do. It’s implied that they know a little about them in passing, but they didn’t even seem to know of the existence of the Admirabilis at all, and Phos doesn’t even understand what ‘death’ is due to the gems being theoretically immortal. If the gems have their own mythology it isn’t really touched on yet – and the only real reference to humans has been scathing remarks about how they must have been lower lifeforms for their handicap of being mortal. The gems seem to think that they’re the highest, most sophisticated of the lifeforms, mortals are unevolved and the Lunarians are just barbarians, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re actually wrong. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Well, she’s pretty I guess.
Phos’s betrayed face breaks my heart ;-;

Out of 5,

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