Kaho looks really nice with her hair in a ponytail.


In this episode, the Cafe Stile members learn more about Maika (or rather, her hair); Kaho and Kouyou get locked in the cafe’s dressing room (long story); and Maika catches a cold from the rain.

Dino, Kaho, and Mafuyu decide to pay Maika a visit at her place while she’s sick. They end up meeting Maika’s older brother and sister, who are certainly… “interesting” people.

These two are pretty adorable together.

Please don’t interrogate the foreigner.

Maika doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to her siblings, huh…

My Opinion:

I haven’t enjoyed a Blend S episode this much since episode 1 aired. It was just charming to watch and also surprisingly funny. This is also the first episode I’ve actually laughed at. (The parts that I laughed at were Kaho and Kouyou threatening to break Dino’s figures, and Maika acting scarily towards her older siblings.)

We get to see some more Kaho and Kouyou interaction here. It’s been present throughout the series, but I think they had the most interaction just by themselves in this episode. This series apparently ships these two pretty hard as well. Even though Kaho’s 17 and Kouyou’s 21, I’m more welcoming of this ship because they’re closer in age, and they have the same interests in fandom-type stuff. They also feel much more like equals than Maika and Dino. So Kaho and Kouyou are a couple I approve of. They’re cute, and they make me feel less uncomfortable than the other main ship.

…That said, while I’m hesitant to admit it, I did find Maika and Dino to be pretty adorable together in this episode. Damn it.

I’m a little sad that Miu got shoved aside so quickly after her debut episode. (She had to go to some convention event and therefore couldn’t work at the cafe.) But we did meet Maika’s older siblings in this episode. We actually got a glimpse of Maika’s sister, Aika, in the very first episode. But it’s weird that Maika never mentioned anything about her brother, Kouichi. Heck, the only reason I knew he would make an appearance eventually was because he appears in the OP for this series.

“Interesting” is the best term I can think of to describe these two. I’m not sure if Aika and Kouichi are just too oblivious to realize that their actions can come off as being kind of passive aggressive, or if they’re actually… purposefully being passive aggressive–to Dino in particular. What most surprises me though, is that they’re both okay with the idea of Dino being Maika’s boyfriend. I just kind of shrug my shoulders at this point, because this is an anime. I’m not sure if older siblings in real life would be okay with their teen sister dating a man 10 years older than her. (Probably not.)

Alright, alright; this will be the last review post where I make a mention to how I find Maika’s and Dino’s canon shipping creepy; since I basically hammered that point in several times already.

Anyway, this was a pretty cute and amusing episode overall. I still want to see more of the characters actually working at the cafe… but as long as there are genuinely funny skits of the characters just goofing around on their off hours, then that’s fine by me too.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

This was a really pretty scene and all, but Maika looks like someone on the cover of some fashion magazine lol