Can’t you guys at least *try* to enjoy the outdoors a bit?


The Blend S cast have a barbecue by the river, and some shenanigans happen.

Then the Blend S cast go to the beach, and more shenanigans happen.

When the episode already looks so low quality, having a photo-realistic fish looks less like a joke and more like the animators couldn’t be assed to draw a fish.

It’s the beach. Hooray.

*announcer voice* KNOCKOUT!

My Opinion:

Damn it Blend S. I mentioned last episode that I would stop talking about how I find Dino essentially pseudo-dating Maika to be creepy, but that’s really hard not to do when every single episode thus far has been shipping these two so hard. Ignoring that, I found this episode to be rather lackluster. It was essentially “the beach episode,” a.k.a. the fanservice episode. Fortunately it did not make me feel as dirty after watching it as other anime beach episodes, but it was still a pretty dull watch. Okay, so it was actually a camping/picnic episode and beach episode rolled into one, but the Blend S cast didn’t really do much more than just… relax and hang out.

I would not usually nail a series so hard on this point since I do enjoy my fair share of slice-of-life anime stuff. However, Blend S played the beach tropes so *straight*. Nothing interesting or funny happened. Mafuyu was basically just there to… show that the producers didn’t forget about her I guess, because all she did was sleep. I’m also worried that Blend S has no idea what it wants to be. It was a little obvious during the earlier episodes, but it is way more obvious now. Blend S, what the hell kind of anime are you trying to be? Are you trying to be some kind of comedic set-in-a-café show; are you trying to be a slice-of-life series featuring otaku characters; or are you trying to be some kind of slow-burn romance anime? Make up your mind. It takes a real skilled writer to be able to juggle all these themes at once, and the quality of writing for Blend S is not quite up to that level.

ANYWAY. The animation quality for this week’s episode was a little all over the place. The first half had some pretty uh, QUALITY animation. Then the animation quality returned to normal during the beach segments. It’s blatantly obvious where most of this week’s animation budget went (spoilers: it’s Kaho’s boob physics).

Overall, this was a bland episode. Excuse my bluntness, but I’m finding the Blend S anime to be sort of “mindless fluff” at the moment. And yet, I honestly don’t know why I’m so compelled to keep watching. I wish that the series would focus a little less on the Maika and Dino shipping, as I find the side-characters infinitely more interesting. There might be a new character introduced in the next episode (the last Café Stile worker that appears in the OP), which I’m hoping will make the series moderately enjoyable to watch again.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Because at least there was some character development present, even if it isn’t something I really cared for (Maika beginning to develop feelings for Dino).

Blend S anime: “hey have we shoved it into your faces enough that we consider these two to be the series’ OTP?”