Blend S Episode 8

The final Cafe Stile employee.


In this episode, Hideri gets hired. It’s pretty quickly revealed that Hideri is a boy who wears girls’ clothes and wants to be an idol.

This episode essentially just focuses on Hideri as he begins working at the restaurant. Later on, he meets up with Miu and they go clothes shopping together.

Hideri is admittedly adorable.
The truth is revealed.
I wish I had a sense of fashion that good…

My Opinion:

If I had to be perfectly honest, I am not real fond of the “trap” trope in anime. There’s a whole load of unfortunate implications about it, and the discussion surrounding them is a can of worms I don’t want to touch in this review of a silly anime. The jokes involving this sort of character also generally boils down to “guys in dresses is funny” which is dumb and can be really harmful. I also think Hideri’s design is a bit lazy. He’s drawn up to look like a girl, and has a female VA… they just call him male.

Fortunately, Hideri is a pretty fun character. People are definitely going to be split on his arrogant personality, but I found it refreshing to have a character who’s so unabashedly full of themselves. He kind of reminds me of Sylphyn (from Himouto Umaru-chan) in a way. Obviously, arrogant characters can be written badly, but I think Hideri is pleasant enough most of the time to not come off as annoying (to me). I am also so, so thankful that Hideri has a personality beyond just being the “trap character” in Blend S. And, I gotta admit, Hideri has a killer sense of fashion.

Hideri really stole the show this episode. Dino did butt in on that, because there was a segment about Hideri and Kouyou trying to give Dino relationship advice for… some reason. (Why the hell they try to help this creepy man progress in his relationship with a high schooler is beyond me.) Fortunately the segment still focused pretty heavily on Hideri. I especially liked the last part of the episode, where Hideri hung out with Miu. I had always felt that Miu was sorely underused as a character, so I’m glad to see her becoming friends (sorta) with Hideri.

Overall, I liked this episode. It was fun and entertaining enough. Uh… your mileage will definitely vary, depending on how much you can stand cross-dressing male characters who also happen to be extremely arrogant. There was also a lack of focus on the other Stile workers, though I didn’t mind this too much. I’m sure that Hideri’s only getting this much screentime because it’s his debut episode, so things will likely balance out again by the next episode. Can we please cool it with the creepy Dino and Maika shipping stuff already? That’d be great.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Hideri’s outfits are always nice, but Miu looks best here.

One thought on “Blend S Episode 8

  1. cjodell12 August 27, 2018 / 8:08 pm

    Not just any female seiyuu either. Hideri is voiced by Sora Tokui, who also voiced Nico Yazawa in Love Live.

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