Blend S Episode 9

Hey, that dog in the OP finally appears.


In this episode of Blend S, Maika finds an abandoned dog. Since she can’t keep it at her place, the dog eventually gets forced on Dino. The dog is promptly given the name “Owner”. Dino only reluctantly takes in Owner for Maika’s sake, and the dog makes his life a sort of living hell.

In the second half of the episode, Maika’s older sister, Aika, decides to drop by Café Stile.

I am perfectly fine with this arrangement.
I’m… not actually that fond of Aika.

My Opinion:

This was a pretty typical Blend S episode, in that it was mildly amusing but mostly just kind of a dull watch. Blend S seems almost afraid at times to commit to its comedy, as the jokes/gags in this episode were clichéd and didn’t really do anything new with its material. Blend S could have done so much more with Dino and the dog, and Maika and her sister. Instead we just get more of what we’ve already seen in past anime, i.e. Dino having to adapt his daily habits to take care of the dog; Aika being scarily over-protective of her little sister, and so on.

We again get way too much focus on Dino, who’s essentially become the main character at this point with how much screentime he gets in comparison with the other characters. He’s probably gotten slightly more screentime than Maika now, since Maika barely had any presence these past few episodes. And no, I’m not happy with this turn of events.

I don’t know why Blend S thought it was a good idea to add in a dog character, when the dog character has so little impact on the show itself. The only person the dog really affects is Dino, who is the one who has to take care of it. Blend S already had trouble balancing the screentime between the cast when it was just five people (back at the very beginning of the series); so we’ll either get the dog hogging way too much of the air time in future episodes, or it’ll be ignored like the rest of the Café Stile cast outside of Dino and Maika.

Overall, this was a “so average it’s average” episode. I was hoping Hideri would be enough to bring the focus back to the Café Stile waitresses, but nope. We get a dog character this episode so that Dino can get more screentime, apparently. This wouldn’t be so bad if every scene featuring Dino didn’t reinforce what a creepy and pathetic man he is.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

(Maika does get some nice character development here, in that she’s possibly beginning to realize her feelings for Dino. But gdi, you can find a much better person than Dino, Maika…)

Poor Maika got the short end of the genetics’ stick.

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