Blend S Episode 10

I mostly just took this screencap because of Hideri, but man does it make Mafuyu’s comment hilarious out of context.


In this episode, Mafuyu gets asked out on a date by a very tall Café Stile patron. She immediately rejects him. The other Café Stile workers wonder why, and quickly find out that Mafuyu’s small stature makes dating anyone her age a bit troublesome…

Later on, Mafuyu takes on the task of tutoring Kaho, as Kaho failed a test and is forced to take a retest. Despite being as different as night and day, the two manage to form a sort of friendship over this.

Oh, and there’s also a segment where Mafuyu gives everyone “makeovers.”

I admit, I have a soft spot for pretty autumn scenery.
Makeup magic! (Also, I never realized that Kouyou’s eyes were blue…)

My Opinion:

This was a pretty straightforward episode. The jokes weren’t anything new, but it was cute (and also didn’t focus too much on Dino, which I’m glad for). You can kind of tell when a series is reaching its end, as side-characters suddenly get a lot more focus. This episode almost exclusively focuses just on Mafuyu and Kaho, two characters who I did think needed more screentime.

We get a lot more insight into Mafuyu’s life in this episode, even seeing her little brother. (And yes, he’s taller than her.) I initially disliked Mafuyu when I first started watching Blend S, but she turned out to be a much needed mature-type character in a cast of oddballs. Mafuyu is a much better character when she’s not getting angry at people or acting abusive. Sadly, Blend S is far too fond of making her be the “looks like a little girl but is actually super scary”-type character for cheap humor.

I’ve always liked Kaho from the start. While she does not get as much character development as Mafuyu in this episode, she does progress in her relationship with Kouyou. Sorta.

Overall this was an enjoyable episode. Blend S still has severe problems trying to balance the time between the cast; as Maika again barely had any presence despite being the “main character,” and everyone else was just kind of… there. (And the dog from last episode has already been forgotten.) But I’m glad we got an episode where Mafuyu and Kaho took center stage. Is it just me, or does the episode quality go way up the less focus there is on Dino?

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Kaho is my fave, which makes me sad that she gets so many uh… questionable fanarts just because of her chest.

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