Blend S Episode 11

I just kind of gave up when writing this review, so if it sucks… I’m sorry.

Summary/My Opinion:

This episode starts off with a far-too-long segment about Dino and Maika taking Owner (the dog) to a dog park. I love that this series is trying to make us care so much about this dog that we’ve only seen for a moment two episodes ago. If you guys wanted us to care about this dog maybe don’t introduce him like four episodes before the end of the season. The dog contributes so little to this series that I still don’t understand the point of why he was added to the cast.

Anyway, the dog falls in love with another dog at the park… but the joke is that his face is scary (like Maika’s) and so he ends up scaring the other dog… whoooo. Also Dino is a huge freaking creep during this segment and goddamn it Maika you can totally find a better guy than this.

The next segment is about Kouyou trying to apologize to Kaho after accidentally being insensitive to her. But Kouyou’s a huge tsundere so it was a little frustrating to watch. Even so I’d still take Kouyou and Kaho shipping anyday over the creepy Dino x Maika stuff.

Hideri is still an amazing character and probably the best thing to come out of this series.

The last segment was painful because it was just about Dino angsting over his romantic problems. For god’s sakes man, try to be a little professional–you’re supposed to be managing a cafe! How the hell did this man even become a manager in the first place… Anyway it all ends up working out somehow because Maika is super oblivious. Yay. Admittedly I do really like Maika’s obliviousness because it’s mildly amusing. I just wish she wasn’t stuck in a show with such a shitty character (*cough*Dino*cough*).

I can agree with that first point but not the second.

Overall this was a typical Bland S episode. Dino again gets way too much screentime, and I still wish the series focused more on the other characters instead of him.

Out of five:

precure heart2

This episode was pretty bad (imo)

Okay, super shoujo Maika was kind of awesome.

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