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Phos can now sufficiently use their new golden arms – actually a gold and platinum alloy – but in order to properly support the weight, the alloy has gone throw their entire body. This has resulted in Phos growing larger (and moderately more masculine) – and, along with their recent trauma, new haircut and increased combat skills, has become like a different person (or gem) entirely. They are now able to hold their own in combat against the Lunarians and possess incredible strength…but are plagued day and night by recurring nightmares about Antarc. Phos’s solution to this is to just not sleep at all, but it doesn’t help much.
The other gems all finally come out of hibernation and are surprised and a little afraid of the new Phos, but soon become fascinated with their transforming golden arms. For the first time, Phos finds themselves the centre of attention and obsession…and doesn’t like it at all.
Meanwhile, the loss of their original arms has caused them to forget more of their original memories…potentially even some regarding Cinnabar.

honestly I think Phos 2.0 is quite handsome

Not as handsome as Antarc but really, who is.

Phos is an interesting character because they exist in multiple versions, and due to them losing part of their personality every time they change, all the versions of them are like different characters entirely. The golden-armed Phos, for example, is extremely different to the wide-eyed and childish Phos at the beginning of the show – even their face and voice is different. For the record, I love every Phos (the Phosses?), but I think it’s an interesting way for a character to literally change over the course of the series.
Something I found striking in the manga, as well as in this episode, is how Phos’s trauma is depicted – especially with the nightmares about Antarc. While the nightmares themselves aren’t particularly disturbing (only because gems being shattered is something we’ve already seen over and over), something about the mood in these constant visions is incredibly haunting. I want to give Phos a hug.

After all the trauma with Antarc, though, it’s nice that we get to have a little bit of light-hearted comic relief with the other gems wanting to fool around with Phos’s arms. It’s an interesting contrast to the earlier episodes where the others all seemed far more mature than Phos – now, with their new summer uniforms (which Phos doesn’t wear) Phos almost seems like an adult amongst children.

To be honest, I’m still a little unclear on whether or not Phos actually forgot things about Cinnabar. The way this is framed in the anime and the manga is different. In the manga, when Phos asks who Cinnabar is, it’s a dramatic reveal taking up an entire page that is not only the cliffhanger at the end of the chapter, but the entire volume, which implies its something serious. In the anime, it’s immediately before the ad-break/second half of the episode, which has considerably less effect. In both cases, Phos does actually seem to remember Cinnabar, but got things a little messed up. Due to the gravity that them saying they couldn’t remember Cinnabar in the manga was treated with, when I read it I assumed that Phos really couldn’t remember and that when they saw Cinnabar later on, it was after Lucile had filled them in. If Phos didn’t actually forget anything though, then the placement of the ‘cliffhanger’ in the anime actually makes more sense to me.

‘might be’

What a good dad.

Out of 5,


Episode 11

For some reason I never appreciated just how much Bort looks like older-Waver until now.

Now that Phos is a competent fighter – constantly wowing the others with their flashy moves and seemingly effortless movements, they have attracted the attention of Bort – for once in a positive way. (Or as positive as possible, as Bort seems to be incapable of smiling). They eventually ask – or rather demand, that Phos team up with them – with the justification that Phos still lacks disciple and structure.
Naturally, this new combination upsest Diamond, who had always been paired with little brother Bort, and they take it as quite a shock. They do accept it and even give the new team their blessing, but due to the odd numbering, Diamond is left without anything to do during the patrols. This ends up putting them in a dangerous situation when a new, beast-like Lunarian appears and heads straight for the school while the other gems are all out on patrol. Diamond has only themself to rely on – something they had admittedly wanted, but maybe not against an enemy so strong and unpredictable.

An angel.

This thing has such a cool design.

It seems at first like this episode will be mostly about Bort, and I guess that’s kind of true as Bort does play a pretty big part in it. Bort’s a character who I stared off kind of indifferent to but I gradually started to like more and more, so I like getting to learn a little more about them. However I think the real star of the episode was Diamond.
Man, the animation team seem to really love Diamond. Nearly every part of this show that has wowed me with its animation has been related to Diamond. Their fight with Ventricosus,  their run across the island back to the school in episode 3, and now their fight against the beast Lunarian in this episode. Antarc definitely got their share of cool scenes too, but Diamonds always just have an extra oomph to them.

But the bit before the actual fight is almost just as good. For a very long time, Diamond hides from the beast Lunarian in a sequence not unlike the humans trying to hide from the dinosaurs in Jurassis Park. The camera actually follows Diamond’s movements alone for most of it, so we, the viewers, get to feel the same uncertainty at not knowing exactly where the Lunarian is. It’s a really great piece of suspense and the music, as well as the smoke, make an almost claustrophobic feeling where you can’t help but be on edge. Coupled with the fact that this Lunarian looks almost nothing like any of the previous ones and its movements are unpredicactable, it’s genuinely thrilling.

I had been giving most of the episodes 4s and 4.5s, but this one was just well done enough to get back into 5 territory.

The fight scenes in this are so good and yet so hard to screencap.

Will the next review be this late? Let’s wait and see.

Out of 5,