If you like awkward teens then this is the show for you.


This is a show about two middle schoolers, the sly Takagi and the somewhat foolish Nishikata. They both continuously play pranks on each other and attempt to one-up each other; but only Takagi ever “wins” despite Nishikata’s best efforts.

You’re kind of an asshole Takagi.

My Opinion:

To be blunt, I didn’t like this episode. I feel like this premise works far better as a manga; because as an anime all of the scenes just felt agonizingly long and drawn out. The entire episode felt more like an hour to me than just 20-something minutes. Watch two middle schoolers engage in mundane interactions and be super awkward! If this had to be animated at all, I think it really should have been a series of shorts.

There’s also the subject matter: it is basically a series about a girl mercilessly teasing a boy. It’s obvious that Nishikata and Takagi both have crushes on each other, but Nishikata’s attempts to “win” against Takagi are obsessive and borderline creepy; and Takagi’s actions could be read as straight-up bullying. Depending on your views, their relationship could be seen as “cute,” I guess? But I’m seriously just so tired of the (pretty damaging) “they’re only teasing you because they like you!” trope.

Most of the comedy in this series is supposed to come from Nishikata’s pain, but honestly I felt bad for the dude more than anything else. And I’m guessing Takagi is supposed to come off as being a cute and playful girl, but no matter how hard this series tries to push that I can’t see her as being anything more than some annoying kid.

Overall, your mileage will definitely vary with this anime. The production values aren’t that bad, and the animation is actually fairly nice. But I feel like your enjoyment of this series will most likely hinge on how you view teasing/how much you were teased or bullied as a kid.

Out of five for this episode, I give:

precure heart2

My reaction after having to sit through this entire episode.