A First Impression: Hakumei to Mikochi Episode 1

Hey all, this will be my last FI for the season and my last review for a few months. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I’ll be taking a break from blogging this season to focus on a big school project as my graduation nears. See you guys again in the Spring season, hopefully!

This series is a real treat for the eyes.


This series focuses on the adventures of Hakumei and Mikochi, two tiny-sized girls who live in the woods.

In the first segment, Hakumei and Mikochi travel to the top of a mountain in order to catch a glimpse of the “Evening Kite,” a bird that (supposedly) grants wishes if you manage to see it.

In the second segment, Hakumei and Mikochi search for a lost wallet in the bustling Tsumiki Marketplace area. They also manage to get in some sight-seeing.

I absolutely love night scenery.
I really want to be able to explore this marketplace myself, but alas it isn’t real.

My Opinion:

If I had to describe this show in two words, it would be “calming” and “beautiful.” The art style of this show is reminiscent of a children’s story-book. The characters are drawn a bit simplistically (looking very “chibi-fied”), with extremely detailed backgrounds. I had to keep re-winding the video player because I was too focused on the backgrounds instead of the subtitles (whoops).

This show appears to be a slice-of-life, and indeed the characters do talk about and do rather mundane things. But it’s the world and the scale that makes things interesting. It’s fascinating seeing things from their perspective, and seeing how they live their life as tiny humans. It’s like The Borrowers/The Borrower Arrietty except set in a forest and there are absolutely no (normal-sized) humans around. My favorite part of the episode was watching Hakumei and Mikochi wandering around the marketplace, and seeing what things were being sold in this tiny world. It was also fun seeing them interact with normal sized animals who are all generally bigger than them (all the animals are friendly and can also talk). It seems like the main strength of this series will be in its world-building, as bits of world-building information were dropped during the episode and even during the credits sequence.

In a world-building heavy, slice-of-life series, the success of the show will definitely hinge on the characters. Hakumei and Mikochi seem alright so far. One episode isn’t enough to really judge a show’s characters, but I do prefer Hakumei a bit more over Mikochi. It feels like the series is trying too hard to give Mikochi some weird quirks, such as her intense love of fabrics/quilts; because otherwise Mikochi would just be sort of a bland nice girl. I generally prefer my characters to be a bit more subtle than this, but at least the relationship between the two girls is cute and charming to watch. I’m guessing there will be an episode later down the line that addresses how the two met each other.

Overall, this is just a very pleasant and calming anime to watch, with the added benefit of having some absolutely lovely visuals. If you like more action-oriented shows, this will probably bore you. But if you just want something nice to watch after a hard day, Hakumei to Mikochi will fill that need nicely.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

I want to know more about this world and these characters.

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