A First Impression: Tachibana-kun to Lie Angle/Love to-lie-angle Episodes 1 and 2

this anime makes me sad


A 15-year-old girl named Hanabi is about to start high school and decides to live in an apartment complex by herself. Said apartment complex is actually really shitty, but it’s actually run by an older and younger sister pair whom Hanabi knew as a child. There’s also some weird tenants.

This series is basically just an excuse for lots of fanservice.

wow what “pleasant” characters this show has. Yes, I was being sarcastic

My Opinion:

I am glad this is just a series of three minute shorts, because holy hell what the hell is this. The anime producers for this show essentially took a super fanservicey harem anime, and changed the lead out so that it’s a female lead rather than a male lead. Unfortunately, this change does not make the show any less painful/cringey.

How is it possible to stuff this much fanservice into a series that’s just THREE MINUTES LONG??? We have a busty older lady who likes shoving her boobs into peoples’ faces, a super perverted “wild” lady who wants to molest everyone, and a girl who just… is always naked all the time. What the fuck.

I hate, hate, HATE the blonde woman who’s a pervert (I can’t be assed to remember anyone’s names okay). WHY do people think it’s normal for women to grope each others boobs??? Is it supposed to be “funny” because they’re both girls? It’s still fucking sexual harassment and that shit’s not cool. IT’S NOT COOL ANIME.

You would think that something this fanservice heavy would have better animation; but nope, the animation for this show is shit as well. I guess if you’re that desperate to jerk it to anime girls though, that probably won’t be a problem for you.

The only thing kind of clever about this show is it’s name (love “triangle”, get it).

This anime is garbage.

Out of five:


I seriously could have just put the “:/” emoticon as my entire review for this show and it still would have conveyed my feelings perfectly

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