Hi all! Sorry that it took so long to get the review for the second episode out. The second episode of Shiyan Pin Jiating aired a week or so ago, but (barring the first episode) I don’t think it was picked up by any English fansubbing group until recently. Since this series is being fansubbed, it’s very likely that English subs will be delayed, and it’s possible that this series might not get even get a complete English sub for the entire series. We’ll see how things go. Anyway, on to the review!

This is some swanky looking lab.


At the beginning of the episode, we’re treated to a brief flashback of when Tannis and his siblings still lived at the lab. While Tannis does not have any extraordinary abilities like that of his siblings, he does appear to have a special ability of his own: he is a genius for his age.

I really like the look of the apartment complex that Tannis and his siblings live in.

We then go back to the present, where Tannis and Aisley are butting heads again. Tannis asks that his siblings behave when they’re outside, and suggests that they take some kind of special medicine if they wish to go outside of the apartment. This suggestion just makes Aisley angrier, and the argument ends with Tannis leaving in a huff to buy groceries on his own. While he is out buying things, Tannis meets with a girl around his age, who gives him some ice cream as she noticed that he wanted some (but didn’t have the funds to buy one for himself). On his way home, Tannis gets lost due to his bad sense of direction; and gets even more lost after he is chased by some wild dogs.

New character alert!

Eventually, the other siblings get worried after they notice that Tannis has been gone for many hours now. Although Aisley is stubborn at first and refuses to go out looking for Tannis, she eventually tags along. Thanks to Snow’s and Suishi’s abilities, the siblings are able to locate the general area where Tannis is in, and Aisley (being the one with the greatest physical ability) manages to find Tannis and bring him back to the others. Once they are all home again, Tannis reveals that he had been out buying things that would allow his siblings to blend in and appear “normal” without them having to take any medicine.

Cute family reunion time.

My Opinion:

Since this series has finally been picked up be a dedicated fansubbing group, the video quality is now much higher (hooray!) and the subs are of a much better quality (hooray again!). However, some names have been changed slightly from the ones used in the first episode sub; with the biggest difference being Aisuri —> Aisley.

Anyway, I found this episode to be much better paced overall. This type of scenario (where one sibling/character gets lost and the others go out to find them) isn’t anything unique, but I think this more simplistic scenario helped to create a slower-paced episode. I think the reason the first episode had such “awkward” pacing was because the first episode was just too hectic–characters acted/reacted too quickly to things. But in this second episode, Tannis and Aisley are given time to stew over their anger towards each other, making the resolution of their argument (by the end of the episode) feel natural and realistic. I also think it helps that we focus solely on the siblings here, instead of on other peoples’ reactions to the siblings as in episode 1. Admittedly, the resolution/reunion scene between Tannis and his siblings is probably cliched as far as animated works go, but I’m a sucker for these types of happy, sappy family stories so… whatever.

The animation for this series is still a tad awkward and jerky in some places, but it was probably a little less noticeable as there weren’t any “frantic” or super “action-y” scenes in this episode. I also did notice a weird bit of “animation” in the scene where Snow and Ashise encounter the wild dogs. Snow’s in his dog form when they first find the dogs, and in the very next shot we see of Snow and Ashise, Snow’s just suddenly back in his human form. I assume he transformed back into a human during this time, but the abruptness of this transition does feel a bit jarring. While the characters’ animation work could still use some polish, I still love the backgrounds in this show. The night scenes towards the end of this episode (the forest and city scenes) were very detailed and quite lovely to look at.

While this series is still setting itself up to be a very “slice-of-life” heavy series, I like that it’s still dropping hints about Tannis’ and the siblings’ past, as well as foreshadowing some more major characters who will be appearing in the future. It’s still not entirely explained what the “medicine” that Tannis has for his siblings is, but it’s heavily implied to be a drug that temporarily disables his siblings’ abilities. Based on their reactions to the medicine, I assume that it’s either very unpleasant or very painful to take. In this episode, we are also introduced to a new, unnamed girl character around Tannis’ age. The series seems to be strongly setting her up as a love interest to Tannis, which I have somewhat mixed feelings about. I definitely want Tannis to gain a “normal” human friend, but having her as a love interest is… ehhh. I hope she serves more purpose to the plot of this show than just being the main character’s love interest.

Overall, I felt that this episode was a pretty significant improvement from the first episode. The third episode looks like it’ll only be focusing on Tannis and his relationship with Suishi (the mind reader). I’m assuming that the next few episodes will also be focusing on just one sibling, and I really hope this is the case. I definitely want to learn more about Snow and Ashise.

Out of five for this episode:

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I usually don’t take screencaps of the ED but this was cute.