Hey all! Moeronpan recently got in contact with me and said that they would be blogging Megalobox for this season, but haven’t had the time to do so due to work-related stuff. They’ll be doing batch reviews for the series once they get some free time again.

Here’s another review of Shiyan Pin Jiating in the meantime.

It sure is.


Tannis decides to get in contact and meet up with his old home tutor. The tutor (a lady) taught Tannis in the past when he and his siblings still lived at the lab. Tannis’ reasoning behind this is that it would be helpful to know a dependable adult who could lend the siblings a hand if needed. Tannis has to meet with the tutor on the mainland, in the big city; and Suishi (the mind reader) volunteers to go along with him.

Once they arrive on the mainland, Tannis finds out the hard way that the big city has many dangers for someone as naive as him—he may be considered a “genius” and may have socialized with normal people more than his siblings, but Tannis still has a child-like mentality. Thankfully, Suishi’s mind-reading abilities come in handy, and she helps Tannis avoid any trouble and also guides them to the meeting place with the tutor.

A lot of my screenshots for this series are likely going to be big scenery shots because they’re so interesting to look at.

Once they meet up with the tutor, they all head to a cafe to talk. Tannis asks his former tutor for help, but she flatly refuses and uses the meeting as an opportunity to deride Tannis and his siblings instead; calling them all monsters. Upon witnessing this, Suishi steps in and tells Tannis that it’s time to head back home. Before they leave, Suishi uses her mind-reading abilities to find out private information about the tutor, and uses this knowledge to threaten the tutor into keeping quiet about the siblings’ situation.

After returning back to the island (where their home is), Tannis’ sprit is crushed. However, he has a chance encounter with the girl that gave him the ice cream before. She introducers herself as Sumire, and Tannis tells her his name is “Kannis.” Sumire gives Tannis her phone number before leaving. Suishi confirms that Sumire’s friendliness is “genuine.”

Out of the others, Tannis and Suishi look the most like actual siblings.

My Opinion:

I’m having strong mixed feelings about this episode. On the one hand, the animation seems to be getting a bit smoother, and the city backgrounds were quite nice to look at. The episode also focused heavily on Suishi, who I felt had been the least “fleshed out” of the siblings since the series started. But on the other hand… what the hell is this plot.

I’m not sure how I feel about the “all people who live in the big city are horrible people” theme that this episode is pushing. Okay, yes; big cities tend to have bigger problems with crime and whatnot. But to have Tannis nearly get conned by a con-artist; nearly get robbed by a pocket thief; and then to be basically ignored and mistreated by nearly all the adults… that’s a little bit much? Though I suppose this aspect of city life was exaggerated to emphasize how naive Tannis really is about the world outside of the lab.

The other thing I can’t get over is the plot with the tutor. From the moment she made her appearance, I knew she wouldn’t be able to help Tannis and his siblings. But what I didn’t expect was for her to essentially go into full-on villain mode. After Tannis asks for help, the tutor lady suddenly makes a complete 180 in personality and recounts how hard Tannis made her life, as she was an elite tutor yet didn’t have anything left to teach Tannis, an 8-year-old (at the time). She was ridiculed for this “failure” by her peers… and so she decided to go out of her way to meet up with this kid just so she could insult him and his family? What??? What even is this character motivation? If she hated Tannis THAT much… why even bother meeting up with Tannis? Why even bother putting on a facade of niceness in the first place? Why even bother taking Tannis and Suishi to a cafe and treating them to a meal if you’re just gonna shit all over them??? What the hell? Her extreme asshole-ness at the cafe was so exaggerated it was almost comical. Also… I cannot suspend my disbelief enough to believe that the tutor lady made such a big scene in a small cafe… and NO ONE noticed this angry adult lady screaming at these two kids?

While I have to subtract a few points from this episode for that really bad “twist”/reveal, I do appreciate Suishi’s characterization here. Despite Tannis claiming (in the last episode) that he’s smarter than his siblings, and despite Suishi having lacked socialization with other people; Suishi seems to be surprisingly good at understanding how people work. Suishi was able to find out directions for a train station by using her mind-reading abilities and having Tannis shout out where he wanted to go in the middle of a crowd. Suishi was also able to “get back” at the tutor by (again) using her mind reading abilities, and threatening to reveal the tutor’s darker personality to the tutor’s only friend–definitely the most badass moment of the episode. Based on these three episodes so far, Suishi does seem to be the most mature of all the siblings, as well as the one who has the most control of her abilities. This is pretty interesting as I think she’s the second youngest out of the siblings.

Other than the tutor lady, there were a few other things revealed in this episode that bugged me. Based on the tutor lady’s words (that the siblings should just turn themselves in to the government to be experimented on further); is the government really not aware of Tannis and his siblings’ abilities? This is strange to me as 1) Tannis keeps saying his parents were arrested by police, and 2) in the first episode, his siblings did not bother to hide their abilities so people on the island (where Tannis and co. live) DEFINITELY do know about the siblings’ situation. The next episode preview further confuses me because Tannis explains that they have to try to appear normal to the landlord or something. Huh??? Why is Tannis suddenly so keen on keeping his siblings’ abilities a secret when it was on full display just a few episodes ago? Also, if the police really did arrest the siblings’ parents, that’s some damn negligence on their part to just let five teens/kids live all by themselves without any adult guardian to take care of them. I really hope this is explained/expanded on in a later episode because otherwise it’ll end up being plot holes as the story progresses.

Overall, an okay episode. A bit too melodramatic in some places for my tastes, but I’m really glad to see the animation becoming more consistent.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

The atmosphere in the last few scenes of the episode were just great.