Shiyan Pin Jiating: The Frankenstein Family Episode 4

Hey all, sorry for the break between reviews for Shiyan Pin Jiating. The subs for episode 4 didn’t come out until recently.

Sounds… ominous.


This episode starts off with another flashback, this time of the moments just before the siblings’ parents were arrested by the police. We are shown how the siblings’ parents ordered them all (excluding Tannis) to take the medicine, and also of how the siblings’ father tasked Tannis with “completing the experiment.”

We then return to the present day, where Tannis recalls how the lab blew up shortly after his parents were arrested. Because of this event, Tannis and his siblings had to escape the lab, and ended up on the island they now live on. An unexpected call in the middle of the night from the siblings’ landlord sends Tannis into a panic. Their landlord is returning, and Tannis doesn’t want the landlord to see his siblings in their usual state. However, he also doesn’t want to force his siblings to take the medicine left behind by his parents; which allows them to appear as normal human beings, but comes at the cost of some awful (and apparently painful) side-effects.

Snow is so… pure…

Faced with this dilemma, Tannis decides to return to the lab to conduct some more research; hoping to find a way to allow his siblings to live as normal human beings without having to take the medicine. The next morning, Tannis takes Aisley, Asis, and Snow along to infiltrate the lab. Although there are still some government workers around after the lab explosion, Tannis and his siblings manage to get in without much trouble. Meanwhile, Suicy has decided to stay home, but ends up getting locked out of the apartment. Towards the end of the episode, Suicy (while reading outside and waiting for her siblings to come back) seems to notice something or someone, although we are not shown who/what it is.

Just because you can eat something, it doesn’t mean that you should. (Also Tannis’ face is amazing here)

My Opinion:

We get a pretty big bomb of a flashback dropped on us this episode. While it was pretty obvious that Tannis’ parents were pretty horrible people (they DID perform inhuman experiments on their own children after all); this episode really emphasizes how despicable they truly were. Not only did they essentially abandon their children when they were caught by the police (rather than handing them over the authorities); they also tasked Tannis with taking care of his siblings and “completing the experiment” on them. That’s all kinds of messed up, and also explains why Tannis acts like his siblings’ caretaker and feels so responsible for them.

We also finally, finally get an explanation for how exactly Tannis and his siblings ended up in their current lifestyle. Apparently the siblings had some kind of mysterious benefactor, who has been paying for their apartment room and has also been giving them funds for food, supplies, etc. The siblings had also taken some medicine before they were found by the police, explaining how they were able to pass as normal humans and weren’t immediately detained by the government to be further experimented on. But… this explanation does make episode 1 even more confusing in hindsight–why was Tannis okay with going out in public while his siblings were in their “normal” forms in episode 1? If he was that worried about people finding out his siblings’ secret, you would think he’d take more care not to take them to such a crowded, public restaurant?

Anyway, this episode was pretty explanation heavy, which didn’t leave much room for the lab-infiltration. (This plot will be continued in the next episode.) But I did like how Tannis and his siblings were characterized. Tannis’ naivete is on full display again here, as he believes that he, by himself, would be able to find a way to “cure” his siblings’ condition without having to resort to the medication–an awfully optimistic thought. We are also shown just how clueless Aisely and Asis are about the outside world, as they don’t even seem to fully grasp the concept of televisions. This makes sense as their outward “inhuman” appearance is much more noticeable and thus they probably don’t leave the apartment much; compared to Suicy (whose ability is internal) and Snow (who can just stay in his dog form most of the time). I also do like that Tannis and Aisley seem to have a much better relationship now, possibly a bit of character development after what happened in episode 2.

Overall, this felt like a pretty solid episode. Again I do want to mention that the animation has gotten much less awkward since episode 1, which is a good thing. It really is a shame that episode 1 was what it was, as it seemed to turn off a lot of people. Now that Shiyan Pin Jiating has found its groove, it’s shaping up to be pretty interesting series.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

It’s never that easy, is it?

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