Apologies for the extremely delayed final FIs of the season. My computer crashed and I lost a bunch of files, so I had to rewatch the shows and recreate these from scratch.


That’s one intense stare

The setting is the 1930s and vampires are active all around the world. The Jaegers are a group of vampire hunters who attempting to take down a vampire leader, Kershner. They track him to Japan, where they stay with an official named Naoe. Yuliy, one of the Jaegers, attracts the attention of Naoe’s daughter Rioko despite his grumpy, anti-social nature.

Yuliy and the rest of the hunters team up with the local police to investigate the prison escape of Kuratake, a mass murderer. The hunter group realizes that the vampires had helped Kuratake to escape and are using the “escaped murderer” as a facade to cover up their own killings. They track down and ambush Agatha, a female vampire and ally of Kershner’s. She battles Yuliy and, although the two seem equally matched in power, he is tricked into jumping off a bridge to follow her and is shot by a mysterious sniper.


At least the cars look cool and pretty accurate

Man, I really felt like the first episode had been action-packed…and then I sat down to write that summary and realized that there was almost nothing to say. I think this anime might have been deliberately trying to subvert the “first episode exposition dump” that so many shows fall victim to these days. Unfortunately, I think it went a little too far in the opposite direction. Rather than too much exposition, we got almost none, and as a result, I found it REALLY hard to care about all the supposedly intense action scenes that were going on.


I’m pretty sure these two weren’t even named…

We learned next to nothing about our supposed protagonists, the vampire hunters – I think some of them were never even called by name in the episode. Even Yuliy, the supposed “main character,” was given little development besides being grumpy and having a major grudge against vampires, even though Agatha’s lines to him implied he is some sort of special figure called “the Sirius”. The side characters didn’t fare any better: we didn’t find out why Naoe knew the hunters, Rioko did very little besides attempt to flirt with Yuliy, and there was this investigator guy who wasn’t even named who did nothing but ask questions about the escaped prisoner but was positioned like he was supposed to be important. The vampires didn’t fare much better – they came across as one-dimensional antagonists who were evil for the sake of it; we didn’t even learn why they had relocated to Japan despite that being the major plot of the episode!


Neither was this guy. I’m not even sure if he’s meant to be important?

I…don’t really have a whole lot else to say about this episode. It left me with more questions than answers. Yuliy really seems to be the kind of highly negative protagonist that I rarely enjoy. I guess the animation was decent, although viewers should be warned that it is EXTREMELY bloody, like “high pressure blood gushing out during even fight scene” sort of thing. I think my favorite part of this episode was the 1930s aesthetic – it was really well established, they did a good job of not utilizing overly advanced technology even in a fantasy-type show, and elements like the old cars and elaborate buildings were really well designed.

Overall, though, I don’t think I can really say that I enjoyed Sirius the Jaeger. Out of 5 Dios:

dio 1/2


The combat was also unfortunately pretty lackluster. RIP Agatha’s cool hat, though…