Got a supernatural problem that needs to be solved? Just rent out your tsukumogami!


In this episode, the siblings Oko and Seiji are approached by an antique dealer with another unusual problem. Every night, the pictures on his hanging scrolls change, and the antique dealer believes it to be the work of either burglars or ghosts. Again, the siblings rent out their five tsukumogami to get to the root of the problem; although Oko also makes one request of the antique dealer: to find an incense burner with the name “Suou” on it.

The five tsukumogami of the Izumoya shop quickly find out that three tsukumogami are responsible for the changing pictures on the scroll. They are all fighting for the affections of a female tsukumogami who keeps looking out of a window. Since the three are so focused on their rivalry with one another, they don’t realize when night has passed; and end up returning to the wrong scrolls once morning comes and a person enters the shop.

Our three stooges in this episode. In hindsight, making the tsukumogami named “Genji” a huge womanizer is pretty hilarious; although most people probably wouldn’t get the joke if they aren’t already familiar with “The Tale of Genji.”

After all the information gathering from the tsukumogami, Seiji and Oku are better informed about the mysterious circumstances, although actually solving the problem is another matter. Fortunately, after a meeting with Katsusaburou (the daimyo from last episode), Seiji figures out a solution.

I really need to try taking more screenshots of the siblings’ shop. I like how intricate the design is.

My Opinion:

In terms of plot, this episode was much more straight-forward than last week’s story. There also isn’t much of a “twist” here if you are knowledgeable about famous Japanese folklore; and I was able to guess at the solution to the entire problem by the midway point. Even so, I found this to be an entertaining enough episode. After all the introductions are out of the way, we now get to see the characters fleshed out a bit more. Tsukuyomi (the hanging scroll) was the next tsukumogami to get an expanded backstory in this episode. I was surprised to see that his haughty attitude was mostly just an act. (I won’t say more about this here because of spoilers.)

Despite my initial impression that this would be a more episodic type of series, we do actually get a continuation of the┬áKatsusaburou and Sanae plot from the first episode. I’m glad that the their “story” hasn’t been finished yet, as I was definitely interested in finding out more about Sanae. Another overarching plot that is hinted at is the whole deal involving “Suou.” From the first episode, I really thought this “Suou” would be a human person; but from Oko’s comments, they are apparently an incense burner. As this is a show about tsukumogami, it’s not a stretch to believe that Suou will also be a tsukumogami. What’s more interesting, however, is the two siblings’ reactions regarding this object/person. Oko seems intent on finding Suou, although Seiji appears upset whenever this name is mentioned. I am sure that this will be a plotline that will be present throughout the entire series, so I hope it gets a satisfying resolution by the show’s end.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad episode, although it did feel a little bit weaker than the last one. The animation quality has dropped slightly, and this episode focuses much more on the “comedy” aspect of the series (which is amusing but not “laugh-out-loud” funny). However, there’s a lot less terminology thrown about here, and we get a pretty interesting explanation of the use of hanging scrolls in Edo-period Japan. Crunchyroll’s subs has also changed the spelling of “Okou”s name to “Oko”, which is kind of strange. The next episode appears to be focusing on a possible “conclusion” to the┬áKatsusaburou and Sanae mini-plotline, which I’m excited to see.

Out of five for this episode:

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These end cards are adorable.