We Rent Tsukumogami Episodes 3 and 4

Sorry for the slight delay in reviews! I recently started work so I had been preoccupied with stuff related to that. I still do plan on blogging We Rent Tsukumogami; but I might end up just doing two-episode batch reviews for the rest of this series’ run.

Sanae’s got a cute design.

Episode 3 Summary:

In this episode, the Izumoya siblings decide to resolve some small conflict between a mother and daughter. The daughter in question is Sanae, the lady soon to be wed to Katsusaburou. Sanae and her mother have not been seeing eye-to-eye as Sanae’s wedding nears—Sanae’s mother wishes to make Sanae into a “mature and refined” woman, while Sanae doesn’t understand what is so wrong about her liking cute things (that her mother finds “childish”). It is up to the tsukumogami once again to help sort things out.

Nadeshiko asks the question we’ve all been thinking of.

In this episode we also get some more history on Suou (and the man who owned him), Seiji’s and Oko’s origins, and Usagi’s origins.

Usagi is a lovely comb.

Episode 4 Summary:

In this episode, the Izumoya siblings meet a man who is the young master of another store, the Omi-ya. He apparently has a reputation for being a bit of a playboy, according to rumors. Upon hearing this, Seiji immediately becomes defensive and tries to drive away the man every time he sets foot into the Izumoya; worried that Oko might be seduced by the man.

Time for some FLASHBACKS. Mainly involving Seiji being a jerkass, unfortunately.

Goi (the bird kiseru) and Notetsu are dispatched by Seiji to essentially spy on this mysterious man… and it turns out that he may not be what the rumors imply. Towards the end of the episode, Oko is finally reunited with Suou, the incense burner.

Yup… that’s Suou.

My Opinion:

It is pretty obvious by now that We Rent Tsukumogami is more of a “slow burn” type of show in regards to its overarching plotlines. This is fine, as it fits the more relaxed tone of the series. What’s really starting to annoy me, however, is this series’ reliance on romantic drama to create conflict, ESPECIALLY involving the two siblings, Seiji and Oko.

Look, I understand that things were different in the past, and cultural differences also play a part here. Seiji and Oku are also outright confirmed to be not blood related–they were born in different cities, ended up orphaned, and were adopted by the same parents. So despite being “siblings” their romance doesn’t really bother me too much. (Although truthfully, I am sad that a guy and a girl can’t be “close” in a story without it involving romance of some sort, but I digress.) But what bothers me the most about this silly Seiji/Oko stuff is… Seiji. He became borderline unlikeable in episode 4.

Not only does he never tell Oko his true feelings (that he has towards her), he is also super possessive of Oko; almost worryingly so. Was Seiji’s actions in episode 4 supposed to be “sweet” or romantic? Because honestly, I’d be extremely wary of a guy who was that possessive over me. Seriously, what the hell did Seiji expect? He never told Oko his feelings, so it’s his own fault if she ends up falling for another dude in the meantime. If you never confess to someone, you can’t also expect to “have them” at the same time. That’s not how romance works. That’s not how a healthy relationship works. But again, I digress.

Other than Seiji’s bullshit, I did find the tsukumogami to still be rather charming. Sometimes their antics feel a bit drawn out, but they really do contribute a lot to my enjoyment of this series. They’re the source of most of the comedy in the show. It appears that we’ll likely see a new tsukumogami spirit in every episode, although only the main five will stick around for every episode. We got to see some of Usagi’s backstory in episode 3, and Goi got some much needed focus in episode 4. Next week appears to be Ohime’s turn. Speaking of Goi, he’s basically confirmed to be the “most wise” of the quintet; as he was easily able to manipulate things (for the better) using Oko in episode 4.

And, oh yeah; we finally get some explanation for the “Suou” thing mentioned all the way back in episode 1. Apparently Suou is an incense burner–basically an object that burns incense. What the tsukumogami are more interested in is the person who owned Suou. We find out in episode 4 that his name is Sataro, and that he had his eyes set on Oko (and predictably, Seiji’s jealous streak was apparent even back then). Now that Oko has been reunited with Suou, I’m predicting there will be a lot more relationship drama, especially on Seiji’s end. Are we getting a love triangle set up here? …We’re getting a love triangle, aren’t we. *heavy sighing*

Overall, this series is… alright. I honestly didn’t expect there to be quite so much romantic drama, and part of me wishes I had known about this beforehand. Still, I’m willing to keep blogging this series as the tsukumogami are just too charming. I have noticed that the animation quality has gone down a bit in epiodes 3 and 4, but it’s at least passable. I sincerely hope that Seiji improves as a character over the next few episodes, because he’s definitely my least favorite thing about the series so far.

Out of five for episode 3:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Out of five for episode 4:

precure heart2precure heart2

Even though these two barely interacted, I still find their relationship more tolerable than Seiji’s and Oko’s current relationship.

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