We Rent Tsukumogami Episodes 9 and 10

As always, Usagi has the best expressions.

Episode 9 Summary:

In this episode, we return to the Suou and Sataro plotline. After being lent out for a party, Tsukuyomi and Ohime find out some new rumors about Suou and Sataro. Apparently someone else is also looking for the incense burner called Suou, and Seiji and Oko suspect that the person in question is the owner of the Umeshima-ya.

Thus, Seiji is led on a bit of a wild goose chase; hunting down any rumors related to the owner of the Umeshima-ya. He is helped in this quest by a servant named Gonpei. Eventually, he finds out that the owner of the Umeshima-ya initially came from the family that runs the Iida-ya—which also happens to be Sataro’s family.

Okano, Sataro’s fiance, has the most stylish looking hair out of anyone in the entire cast.

Seiji lends out the tsukumogami to the servants of the Iida-ya in the hopes that they would be able to find some new information on Sataro’s whereabouts; as Sataro AND Suou reportedly went missing at around the same time. Unfortunately, this is one mystery that won’t be easily solved.

This scene definitely looks less cheesy in motion.

Episode 10 Summary:

An Oko-focused episode finally?!

It’s revealed at the beginning of this episode that the Izumo-ya actually has a rather large debt, which Seiji has been hiding from Oko. When a samurai from another city stops by the Izumo-ya asking to buy Usagi (the rabbit comb) for a hefty sum, all the other tsukumogami question whether Seiji and Oko would actually go through with it.

Not too long after this incident, Oko takes Usagi out on a long walk, and Notetsu tags along due to the insistence of the other tsukumogami. Oko speaks to these two, and tells her side of the whole Suou incident.

Oko’s original hometown…

Eventually, Oko does find out that Seiji has been hiding the Izumo-ya’s money problems from her; but both are adamant in not selling off Usagi. So now the siblings must figure out a way to raise 20 ryo in one month to pay off the debt.

My Opinion:

Coming right after episodes 7 and 8 (which were the best episodes of the series to date), episodes 9 and 10 felt like a step down in quality. We finally get some more information on the Suou backstory, but it was not really exciting and I personally thought it was dull to watch. I feel like the series is trying to make the Suou plotline more intriguing than it actually is—when it is essentially just some drawn-out love triangle.

In my opinion, episode 9 was the worse of the two episodes. The animation quality really just plummeted for this episode, and the story was (as I summarized above) just about Seiji going on a wild goose chase with no conclusion. The tsukumogami helped to salvage the episode a bit, but it really was mostly about Seiji having conversations with other people which is… hardly riveting stuff.

Episode 10 was a bit better because Oko finally, FINALLY has some focus in an episode for once. We also finally get to see Oko’s side of the Suou story, although the series conveniently doesn’t confirm whether Oko is actually in love with Sataro or not. I did think the “oh no, Usagi might be sold off” plotline was an interesting direction for the series, but it was pretty obvious from the start that the main five tsukumogami were never getting separated. So a lot of the drama was lost for me.

Overall, there’s really not much I can say about these two episodes other than that they were okay. They weren’t the most fun to watch, but I understand that these episodes needed to be put here in order to guide the series towards its conclusion. There’s only two more episodes left of We Rent Tsukumogami, and at this point the only thing I hope for is a decently satisfying end to the show.

Out of five for these two episodes:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Usagi and Sanae.

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