A First Impression: Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! (/UzaMaid)

‘Please don’t let me be in this crappy show! Noooo!’

Kamoi Tsubame is an ex self-defense officer who is also a lolicon. She has fond memories of one day seeing an extremely cute half-Russian girl playing in the garden of a house with her mother. Coincidentally, when she returns to the house hoping for glimpse of the girl, there’s a Help Wanted sign for a maid, and when the creepy Kamoi sees the same young girl in the window, decides to apply.

It turns out that the mother has recently died and Misha, the young girl, doesn’t have anyone to help take care of her as her father is often busy with work. Her mother’s death has changed her from a sweet ‘angel’ to a rough, anti-social brat, who won’t even talk to her father. Man, what a sad story. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some story where an understanding maid gets a standoffish and grieving young girl to come back out of her shell and heal? Well, maybe that does actually happen, but we mainly just get a bunch of creepy lolicon jokes about how obsessed Kamoi is with Misha.

why does Japan assume every single Russian person has Matryoshka dolls in their room. At least it makes more sense when its a little girl.

The title literally translates to ‘Our maid is too annoying’. Take that as a warning. Kamoi is one of the most obnoxious characters I’ve encountered in an anime this year. Surely, even if you found her whole pedophile shtick amusing for some reason, it would grow old after seeing it over and over again? Right? Well, the fans of this dreck probably don’t think so, otherwise this wouldn’t have gotten popular enough to be animated.

To be perfectly honest…I don’t have the energy to hate this show. More than anything else it just made me kind of sad and dejected. It made me sad because I know that the people it’s aimed at are going to eat Misha alive. The 2nd-grade girl. The literal 7-year-old. I’m going to go on amiami one day and there’s going to be a lewd hug-pillow of her. If anyone still cares about this show by the time winter Comiket rolls around, there will be R18 doujins, about the 7-year-old girl. And everyone’s going to act like there’s nothing creepy or horrifying about that, because the lead character teaches us that pedophilia is a funny joke you can base the premise of a show on. Hahaha! It’s funny because a WOMAN wants to molest a little girl, you see?

Just in case you think Kamoi just really, really loves cute things and comes on too strong, the show literally gives us a flashback where she turns down a girl who confesses her with ‘sorry, I’m not interested in girls who have already menstruated!’ Again, this is a comedy. These lines are supposed to be really funny.

Even if, in some alternate dimension where this whole premise wasn’t creepy as shit, Kamoi still renders the show nearly unwatchable with how irritating she is. Misha and her pet ferret are cute, but that’s really the only positive thing I can say about it, other than the fact that the ED with them both doing exercises was also pretty cute. Misha googling ‘how to kill someone without being found out’ was funny, but only because I too wished for Kamoi’s swift death. Everything else just feels old, tired and done. We’ve had combat maids (and butlers!) before with Mahoromatic (and Hayate the Combat Butler) we’ve had ‘the maid is really good but SOMETHING IS WEIRD ABOUT THEM!’ before with Kamen Maid Guy. And none of those shows made me feel like I had been put on a list somewhere.

On the plus side, I did actually expect to hate this a lot more than I did. It’s just that my reaction wasn’t anger like I expected, just more of a lethargic sigh. But seriously. She’s fucking 7 years old, guys. Just…try to show some restraint. For once.

and it’s absolutely horrific to see you!

Out of 5,



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