A First Impression: Himote House Episode 1

I wish we had gotten a series using just this art style rather than… what we actually got.


Tae is a recently graduated college student who has moved to Tokyo to share a house with her best friend, Kokoro.

The first episode introduces us to all the characters, and also has the main cast talking about household chores.

And, oh yeah; they’re all also psychics with special powers.

…Wait, what?

is that a freaking Jojo reference
This scene is actually some kind of sight gag thing, but it’s not really that much more funny in context.

My Opinion:

Crunchyroll’s listed title for this series spoils the “twist” of the first episode, but yes; these women all have special magical powers or something. No, it’s not explained WHY they have it, they just do. And they live super mundane lives. On the one hand, this is actually a plotline I enjoy. I greatly enjoyed Inu x Boku SS and it also had a similar premise. I just like seeing characters with magical abilities living somewhat normal lifestyles. But on the other hand… this show is not that great for several reasons.

Himote House appears to be using some kind of 2.5D animation and it does not look good. It’s pretty obvious this animation style was chosen as a way to cut costs; because I’ve seen 2.5D models that look much nicer. And the background and scenery in this show all kind of look like ass. It’s a shame because the character designs are actually pretty cute; it just doesn’t translate to these CG models very well. However, are these characters really supposed to be grown adult women? Because they honestly don’t look older than 16 at most.

Anyway, the show also has some pacing issues. The characters all talk way too fast, even though the episode just mostly fluffs about with mundane topics. This is likely due to Himote House being a series of shorts (at about 10 minutes in length). Still, the juxtaposition of super fast talking mixed with really boring topics made this episode feel somehow slow AND fast at the same time. And goodness, are the topics these girls talk about boring. After the mandatory “let’s introduce the newbie to everyone living at the apartment/house” scene, we get to see the characters talking about… wait for it… laundry duties. Which segues into a conversation about bra wash care (…it make sense in context), which then segues into a one minute long segment where the characters check out each others’ underwears (…again, it makes sense in context). Kudos to Himote House for tackling these types of mundane topics; but maybe these topics are avoided in anime for a reason.

Having the characters also be psychic magic users feels super unnecessary. I get that this is “the joke” and that the characters’ powers aren’t supposed to be the main focus of the series but… this plot point seriously feels like an afterthought. It isn’t revealed until the very end of the episode that the characters actually have powers. If the “psychic powers” thing was meant to hook the audience in, I’m sorry to say that having a “twist” like that won’t save an already bad series.

Overall, this is a show that would have been something kind of decent if it hadn’t been produced in such a lazy fashion. As it stands, at least it’s not as much of a mess as Between the Sky and Sea. There was also some kind of mini-segment after the credits, where it seemed like the VAs were just goofing off. Weird, but also strangely amusing.

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2 and 1/2

Tbh I’d be down for an anime where animators attempted to make a coherent show out of snippets where voice actors were just goofing off.

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