Are you ready for some fishing… IN SPACE?


In the future, all the fish from the world suddenly disappeared, so Japan uses their technology to build fisheries IN SPACE.

Haru is a young woman who moves to Onomichi to become a SPACE FISHING CADET but ends up getting roped into her very first mission by two other women named Namino and Makiko. They want to go SPACE FISHING despite lacking in training to prove to some men that women can actually SPACE FISH. Their first mission of course goes badly… and Haru gets blamed for making her team lose face.

Despite a bad first day, Haru still resolves to become the best SPACE FISHERWOMAN she can be.

I wanted to at least get some proper screencaps of some of the main characters. Haru is there in the red uniform.

what the absolute hell is this. A boss fight???

My Opinion:

Oh boy, where do I even start with this show.

Look. I don’t mind a slice-of-life series featuring a cast of “moe girls” set in a seaside town. Nor do I mind the silliness that is SPACE FISHING if the premise was handled decently. Hell, I could even put up with weird mecha shenanigans and smartphone antics. But for the love of god, NOT ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

As more and more anime come out, there will be some that experiment with blending different genres together. If done well, this can create a pretty unique series. If done poorly… you get this mess of a show. This anime seriously feels like the anime producers threw everything at the wall, in the hopes that at least one aspect of this show would stick. Spoilers: it does not, and only serves to make it seem like you have no actual idea what you’re doing.

I am not making this shit up either; the girls “fish” by… piloting sea-mech ships and using a smartphone app to choose “guardians”… which they then use to fight monster-like sea creatures in the most anime way possible. Okay, first off—what the fuck. Secondly… I have so many questions. If these fisheries/fish tanks were man-made, you would think the fish inside would be… normal fish??? (I guess they could have been mutated due to living IN SPACE but that’s giving this show way too much credit.)

Despite Between the Sky and Sea’s uh… “enthusiasm” for mixing of genres (sure, let’s call it that); they sure handled nearly every aspect of the show badly. The first episode featured some pretty mediocre animation and mediocre voice acting (I absolutely could not stand Haru’s faux cutesy voice). I kind of hate the art style of Between the Sky and Sea, as it falls into the common “moe anime” trap of making its female characters look ridiculously young, yet having its male characters look super old. Our cast of characters are supposed to be 17-19 years old. They legitimately look and act like middle schoolers. Also, what the hell is up with the almost fetishy form-fitting space-suits for the girls? It looks extra sleazy because they look so young.

Between the Sky and Sea attempts to push a “gender equality” message in this first episode but it’s so ham-fisted it feels almost like an insult. All of the men are huge assholes to the female space fishing team, and are even willing to put them in danger just to prove their point that “women aren’t equipped to handle space fishing.” Like. Okay. Did we really need to have these obviously asshole, villain-esque characters to show that women face massive amounts of inequality in the workforce? The audience is not that stupid, so please don’t treat us like freaking toddlers.

Overall, this is a mess of a show that appears to have no idea what it really wants to be. Apparently this is based on a previously established mobage game, which… in hindsight does make the story-direction of this show make a little more sense. But that still doesn’t forgive it’s awful… everything. I’ll be giving this series a hard pass; which is a shame because Between the Sky and Sea could have been a pretty interesting show in the right hands. Unfortunately, it just became a prime example of all the things that could go wrong when making an anime. (And boy did things go wrong…)

Out of five:

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The obvious mascot char has such a lazy and uninspired design.