A First Impression: Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara/Iroduku: The World in Colors Episode 1

Our main character.


Hitomi Tsukishiro is a high school girl living in the future–in the year 2078 to be exact. She also comes from a family of mages, and lives in a world where magic isn’t something too unusual. Some incident in her past caused her to become colorblind. On the night of a big summer festival, Hitomi’s grandmother sends her back 60 years into the past, so that Hitomi can meet her grandmother when she was a high school-aged girl.

Hitomi is sent to the year 2018, where she’s completely unfamiliar with the “primitive” technology of the time. She manages to meet some mostly friendly people, and eventually finds her way back to her grandmother’s house, which doubles as a magic shop. Her grandmother’s family is fortunately willing to take her in, and so Hitomi decides to stay there until her grandmother comes back from studying abroad.

In the meantime, Hitomi happens to meet a boy named Aoi, and is amazed to find out that she can see the colors in his artwork.

The festival scenes were pretty obviously meant to flaunt this show’s huge budget; but I have to admit that the visuals look very nice.
All the backgrounds in this series are lovely.

My Opinion:

I’ll talk about what I liked about this series first.

The production quality for Iroduku is pretty obviously high. The animation is smooth, the visuals are crisp and clear, and the backgrounds/scenery for the first episode were all breathtaking. It’s a very nice show to look at, with beautiful and vibrant colors. I also really like that magic in this setting is something that is just accepted. It’s not unusual, nor is it even really questioned. Apart from the time magic used at the beginning of the episode, most of the magic in this series so far appears to be pretty low-key.

For the things that I didn’t like so much about this show, well…

I have mixed feelings about the way the plot was kicked off. Hitomi’s grandmother just sends her to the past without much warning, and without her consent. The only justification that Hitomi’s grandmother gives for this is “it’s your destiny” or something. Since it’s revealed in the same episode that time magic is apparently irreversible… did Hitomi’s grandmother just leave her to be trapped in the past? That’s… kind of messed up; even if it’s likely that the main cast will find a way to send Hitomi back to her own time eventually.

I also kind of wish the show didn’t have these time magic shenanigans. We only got a glimpse of the future world Hitomi lives in and unfortunately… I have to say that I’m way more interested in Hitomi’s future world than the past (our present) she was sent to. I’m already living in the present! I do not need there to be a series set in this time period, when so many anime are also doing the same! But I digress.

The first episode could have also worked fine without the weird scandal that Hitomi accidentally caused. Long story short; Hitomi gets dumped into Aoi’s bedroom when she’s sent to the past, and she has to escape his house through his window. The photography club members manage to catch this, and so there’s a big scandal about how Aoi has a secret girlfriend; or Aoi is secretly abusive or whatever. It was… kind of uncomfortable to watch? And just made me groan more than anything. Hitomi’s apparent magically and self-induced color-blindness is also potentially eye-roll worthy as it smacks of teen angst. But who knows, this plot point could actually be handled well.

Overall, this was a nice first episode, but I’m hesitant to give a definitive opinion on the quality of the series. It’s a lovely show to LOOK AT, for sure, but good visuals can only take a show so far. There’s really not enough story at the moment for me to tell how things will progress; but I’m already getting a few warning signs about the appearance of potential future story cliches that I generally dislike seeing in anime. This is a show that could get real pretentious real fast. Let’s hope this isn’t the case.

Out of five, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging this series, but I might check out the second episode at least.

 Hitomi actually looking happy for once.

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