Hi all, Tsurune–my final anime to FI–won’t be airing until the 22nd. As so many anime have already aired their third episodes by now, I’ve decided that I will ultimately not be blogging Tsurune. However, I will still do a first impression review for it; so keep an eye out for that post sometime next week.

In the meantime, let me introduce you all to the anime I *will* be blogging for this season. Yes, it was a surprise for me too.

An explanation of the Schrodinger’s cat experiment–in anime format.

Episode 2 Summary:

In this episode, it is revealed that Mai mainly quit show business due to an incident involving her mother, which wounded her deeply. However, Sakuta still suggests to Mai that she go back into the spotlight again, to clear up her unresolved feelings about this.

I do hope Mai manages to get some closure on her relationship with her mother in a later episode.

Mai then asks Sakuta out on a date. Due to an unfortunate incident, Sakuta arrives at the meeting spot late; so the two end up making a detour from their actual date spot. Whilst on their date, Mai and Sakuta realize that the area of effect of Mai’s invisibility is widening, and even people close to Mai have now forgotten who she is—including her very own mother.

Do I even need to write a caption for this?

Once night falls and the two rent a small motel room for the night, Sakuta finds out his only two friends surprisingly still remember who Mai is…

Nice of Sakuta to let Mai have the sole pillow on the bed.

Episode 3 Summary:

I just like how this shot is framed.

After a sleepless night, Sakuta and Mai return back home and back to school. Unfortunately, Yuma (Sakuta’s best friend) has now forgotten about Mai as well. Only Sakuta and Rio remember her now. Rio surmises that this is because they both didn’t sleep at all the night before. Rio explains that Mai’s invisibility is likely caused by the students choosing to ignore her existence even BEFORE she actually became invisible. And when people go to sleep, they end up forgetting about her…

Mai looking so pained is heartbreaking.

Upon hearing this, Sakuta tries to force himself to stay awake over the next few days. Mai, worried about Sakuta’s health, ends up slipping him a sleep aid; despite knowing full well that Sakuta will forget about her once he wakes up.

The next day, Sakuta forgets all about Mai. That is, until he gets to one question on an exam, which triggers a recent memory of the time he spent with Mai. This continues to trigger more memories, until Sakuta eventually remembers everything. In order to make Mai visible to the world again, Sakuta sacrifices his dignity and screams in front of the entire school that he’s deeply in love with Mai. This works, and Mai becomes visible to the world once again… and also becomes Sakuta’s sorta girlfriend.

My Opinion:

Oh my god, you guys have no idea how happy I am for a series like this. Teenagers… actually acting… a little bit mature and actually reasonable??? Am I dreaming?

Honestly, Sakuta’s and Mai’s interactions alone would have won me over on this series. Yes, they tease each other and sometimes act a little silly; but I love, love, LOVE that there’s so little yelling or screaming or over-reacting. I think this says… a lot about how poorly female characters are generally portrayed in anime, but Mai’s personality is so refreshing. She just takes everything so calmly. The show could have easily made her the character that calls Sakuta a pervert every five seconds and slaps him a lot, but she instead teases Sakuta back or verbally massacres him. And I think that’s beautiful.

Okay, joking aside; I also like how little fanservice there is so far in this show. Other than Sakuta’s “perverted comments” (which are pretty obviously jokes on his part, to get Mai to loosen up a bit), I like that the show doesn’t really force the characters into anything lewd. Sakuta and Mai end up sharing a bed together after they rent a mini motel room; and it’s so refreshing that this is just treated as no big deal. In any other anime, the protag would have angst’d for ages about “omg there’s a GIRL sleeping next to me, better try not to have lewd thoughts or get a boner!” I’m also glad the producers portrayed the scene in a really mundane way, because it could have turned into a creepy fanservice fest real fast.

I was pretty surprised to see this “arc” wrapped up in three episodes, as I was expecting that the whole series would revolve around Mai’s invisibility problem. I’m a little split on how I feel about this turn of events. On the one hand, I like that the series didn’t try to stretch out a plot point past its limits—Mai’s story was pretty neatly wrapped up in three episodes, which is all the time it needs. A longer story doesn’t automatically equate to a “good” story. But on the other hand, with this series being slated to be a 13 episode anime, I have now realized that there will be more girls with problems that Sakuta will likely help out. I really do not want Sakuta to end up having a harem, especially after the first three episodes already established his and Mai’s relationship. I’m sure it’s unavoidable that some of the later girls Sakuta helps will fall for him; but I hope that Sakuta in no way develops feelings for them. Please, for the love of god, I don’t think I could handle a series that is this promising turn into some shitty harem show.

While episodes 2 and 3 of Bunny Girl Senpai were good, it still had a few minor things that I disliked. That whole “misunderstanding” incident (causing Sakuta to be late to his date with Mai) felt so forced. And the incident itself was so incredibly stupid that I don’t want to describe it here. I also didn’t like that episode 2 portrayed Sakuta as if he understood Mai better than she understood herself. Sakuta only really met Mai a few days prior, and now he suddenly knows everything about her? I don’t mind Sakuta helping out Mai, but I would prefer it if this series didn’t paint Sakuta as being more logical and somehow more wise than the girls around him, because uh… that’s some unfortunate implications.

I’m sure some people could also see Sakuta’s confession scene towards the end of episode 3 to be “cringey.” And to be honest, it did really pain me to watch it too. But it was obviously MEANT to be embarrassing to watch, as Sakuta is essentially humiliating himself for Mai’s sake. The tone of that scene was incredibly well-done.

Overall, Bunny Girl Senpai is shaping up to be a pretty interesting series, and I’m excited to see what’s next. The ending to Mai’s arc was lovely and nearly made me tear up. I hope the other arcs are also as well-written. Several people have compared this series to the Monogatari series, though I’m hoping this show does not end up being uh. As convoluted as that one.

Out of five for episode 2 and 3:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Geeze you two, just kiss already.