I really love these two’s interactions.


Sakuta finally manages to properly ask Mai out on a date a month after Mai’s “invisibility” incident. However, he soon discovers to his horror that the very same day keeps repeating, thus “tomorrow” never comes and he will never get to go out on a date with Mai. On the third repeat, Sakuta goes to his friend Rio for help; and she talks about Laplace’s Demon. Rio still doesn’t believe in adolescent syndrome, but tells Sakuta that if he wants to break this repeating day cycle, he’ll have to find the person who is acting differently–because they would have retained memories of the previous repeats like himself.

Tomoe’s design is cute, but her personality is… ehhh

Sakuta eventually finds out that the person responsible for this repeating cycle is a girl named Tomoe. She’s currently being romantically pursued by a popular basketball player. The problem is, Tomoe doesn’t like this guy; but her best friend does. Trapped in this awkward position, she’s been inadvertently causing time to repeat. After a misunderstanding involving Sakuta, the cycle is finally broken; although it occurs at the expense of Sakuta’s relationship with Mai.

Desperately wishing to retain her small group of friends, Tomoe begs Sakuta to pretend to be her boyfriend–just until summer break. Sakuta takes pity on Tomoe and agrees to this, despite his initial reservations. That night, Mai unexpectedly shows up at Sakuta’s door.

At least put a shirt on or something Sakuta, geeze

My Opinion:

While I am perfectly fine with Sakuta solving the problems of other girls who have been afflicted with “adolescent syndrome,” I still really hope that Sakuta doesn’t end up acquiring a harem. In this episode, we had a misunderstanding caused by Tomoe accidentally falling on top of Sakuta… which is probably one of my least favorite of the typical “anime misunderstanding” tropes of all time. Seriously, Bunny Girl Senpai? You were doing a pretty good job so far at avoiding painful cliches, and then you use this plot point? I am at least glad that Mai appears not to have entirely given up on Sakuta just yet. But oof, if this series ditches the Mai and Sakuta ship for a half-assed pairing I’ll be super mad.

To be honest, I didn’t think that Tomoe’s problem was as interesting as Mai’s was. The time looping idea is neat, but Tomoe’s issues seem very… petty compared to the emotional turmoil that Mai went through. And it seems fairly easy to resolve too, if Tomoe just asserted herself a bit more. But it is likely that I’m just far too old to relate to teen angst anymore, and there could also be much more going on beneath the surface. It’s hinted that Tomoe’s friends aren’t really the best people, but we’ll have to see in the next episode.

Rio also mentions some stuff about Laplace’s Demon in this episode–I assume that every girl afflicted with adolescent syndrome will have their condition related to something based in philosophy or physics. However, with my limited knowledge about Laplace’s Demon, I didn’t feel like the time looping situation was really related to this too much? But I have trouble wrapping my head around this philosophy so maybe it’s more clever of a reference than I realize. Speaking of Rio, I was actually far more interested in her situation in this episode. In this fourth episode, Rio reveals that she’s in love with Sakuta’s best friend, Yuma. Problem is, Yuma already has a girlfriend…

Anyway, this was an alright episode. I’m not liking Tomoe very much as a character, which unfortunately affects my overall opinion of this episode. Her problem seems pretty cut-and-dry, so I’m hoping that we’ll get a resolution to her arc next week. Thankfully Sakuta keeps proving that he’s a great protagonist. His snarky personality really helped to keep things interesting.

Out of five for this episode, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

I love that Sakuta doesn’t take any crap from nosy people.