I guess that’s one way of motivating someone…


Sakuta and Tomoe plan to end their fake relationship at the start of summer break, with Tomoe “breaking up” with Sakuta because he still has feelings for Mai—which still holds true. Everything goes well up to that point, with the two enjoying their last “date” out together at the beach. However, Sakuta suddenly finds himself in another time loop, and Tomoe claims that she’s unaware of what’s going on.

The entire beach sequence was pretty cute. Also thank god the producers of this show spared us on all of the repeats, unlike another infamous series.

Sakuta ends up having to relive his beach date with Tomoe over and over again. Finally, on the fourth day, Sakuta makes an attempt to break the cycle; and he and Tomoe go to Enoshima instead. Once there, Sakuta finally confronts Tomoe. Sakuta has known since the second repeat that Tomoe was lying about being unaware of what was going on—she was actually still retaining her memories of every subsequent repeat just like Sakuta.

Their little Enoshima “date” was also cute.

Tomoe then reveals that she’s not causing a time loop intentionally. She also desperately wants to move on, but her feelings towards Sakuta have just been growing with each repeat. Tomoe wants to erase her feelings and live on as if they don’t exist. However, Sakuta gently pushes her to accept her feelings, and Tomoe tearfully confesses her love to Sakuta.

Must be tough being in love with someone who can’t return your feelings…

The next day, Sakuta finds himself back in June, at the very beginning of this whole mess. Tomoe has managed to turn back time for the both of them so that they never had to engage in this fake relationship to begin with. Tomoe manages to turn down Yosuke this time, and Sakuta and Mai finally get the chance to date as a semi-official couple. As summer break begins, Sakuta and Mai find a young girl trying to rescue an abandoned kitten. To Sakuta’s surprise, the girl has the same name as the person he first fell in love with many years ago…

Sakuta, you’re a good kid.

My Opinion:

Finally Tomoe’s storyline comes to an end. While I did not think the ending of her storyline was as phenomenal as Mai’s was, it’s definitely fitting. Tomoe’s arc centered around her developing as a character, growing from an insecure teen into a more mature young adult lady. By the end of it all, Tomoe gains the confidence to not follow the “status quo” so much and appears to have found much better friends as well.

Tomoe’s ending scene wasn’t super impactful or anything, but I thought it was portrayed well. Tomoe finally breaks through the time loop by confessing her love to Sakuta. It starts raining before this (signifying her sadness and pain because she knows Sakuta is in love with someone else), and stops raining once she actually confesses. Rainy day confessions are a somewhat old trope in anime, but heck; I’m a sucker for these types of things.

I also do like the role-reversal present here. In the Mai’s arc, Mai was the older one, and Sakuta was attempting to pursue her. This is why Sakuta had to put so much more effort into breaking through the adolescent syndrome effects. In Tomoe’s arc, Sakuta himself is the one being pursued, by someone younger than him. So it’s only fitting that Tomoe’s arc had a much “quieter” type of ending (and also had Tomoe confess her love to Sakuta). I also appreciate that Sakuta makes it completely clear that Mai is still the one that he’s in love with, even after having gone through the entire “fake relationship” scenario with Tomoe. However, Tomoe’s feelings towards Sakuta are still genuine. Although they’ve agreed to stay friends, I wonder how Tomoe will handle this; and if we’ll see her again in future episodes.

Another important thing that happened in this episode is the reveal of Yuuma seeming to be aware of Rio’s crush on him. I like that throughout the series so far, Rio still gets some focus in each episode. It’s pretty obvious by now that Rio will also likely suffer from the effects of adolescent syndrome too, and I’m really curious to see how that will manifest. With this series being only a 13 episode one, I hope we get to her arc before the series ends.

The end of episode 6 ends with a cliffhanger and a plot twist, as Sakuta comes face-to-face with a mysterious girl. But… although she has the same name as the girl whom Sakuta first fell in love with, is it really the same person? It’s a little hard to tell due to the art style, but the girl (named Shoko) looks younger than Sakuta… which would make no sense since she appeared older than Sakuta when he first met her. I guess her arc is coming up next, so maybe the symptoms of her adolescent syndrome is that it makes her appear much younger than she is? I guess we’ll find out next episode.

Overall, Bunny Girl Senpai is still a pretty great series, and I’m really enjoying all the girls’ arcs so far. Although I was spoiled for some things about Tomoe’s arc, it was still surprising to see her rewind back time that much for Sakuta’s sake. (I also cannot believe that the whole, “kicking eachother’s butts” thing actually had plot significance.) The thing about this series I like the most is all of the characters’ interactions with each other. But what really amazes me is that Sakuta and Mai are still the official couple despite the story mainly revolving around Sakuta solving girls’ problems. Like damn, I have not yet seen a series that has the balls to push an official couple like that, especially at the very beginning of a series.

That reminds me, the OP teases another girl who has not yet appeared. Since we’re already at the halfway point, I’m a bit worried about how this series will handle her and her arc (if she actually plays a significant role at all). Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me for this review.

Out of five, I give this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

She’s got a cute character design.