Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 10

Any scene featuring Kaede smiling like this is A+++


Continuing immediately from the events of the past episode, we see Sakuta look into the forbidden cabinet in Mai’s house, where he discovers an old tin box that has something inside. However, he doesn’t bring this up to either of the sisters.

Kid-Nodoka is pretty adorable. This flashback also reveals that Nodoka dyes her hair as an idol singer.

Over the next few days, life goes on as usual as the girls continue living in each other’s bodies. Nodoka-in-Mai’s body is successful at the commercial reshoot, and Mai-in-Nodoka’s body performs well at the small idol gig at the end of the month. However, Nodoka’s inferiority complex flares up when she sees how happy her mother is at Mai’s idol performance. Depressed, Nodoka nearly walks into the sea to drown herself before Sakuta stops her.

Nodoka’s idol group. I do like that their personalities are implied pretty well just from their outfits.
This scene was a little hard to watch, not gonna lie.

Sakuta brings Nodoka back to Mai’s apartment to show her the old tin box; which is actually filled with letters that Nodoka had written to Mai when they were younger. Mai (who had been hiding out at the apartment all this time) confronts Nodoka. The two sisters have a much needed heart-to-heart, which finally allows Nodoka to realize what she really wants. This reverses the Puberty Syndrome and the two sisters find themselves transformed back into their own bodies.

At the end of the episode, Nodoka is revealed to have moved in with Mai. The episode also ends with a cliffhanger when Mai is confronted by her casting agency, after a photo featuring Sakuta and Mai together surfaces…

My Opinion:

This felt like kind of a rushed ending to Nodoka’s arc, but at the same time there probably wasn’t much more that could be said about her particular problem. Nodoka’s main problem was her inferiority complex, especially towards Mai. But it was also that she was trying too hard to BECOME like Mai. After she finally gets over that, the Puberty Syndrome is reversed.

Despite the rushed pace, there were a lot of things about this episode that surprised me. I wasn’t expecting the episode to actually feature an idol concert, with singing. But I guess that’s a nice bit of fanservice for the fans. The episode also got dark real fast when it became apparent that Nodoka was essentially trying to drown herself. This series has had some pretty dark moments before but nothing as deeply disturbing as THAT.

My biggest criticism about the Nodoka arc is that I still feel like I know nothing about Nodoka. She was introduced so suddenly, and her entire arc revolved around her obsession with being like her older sister. Other than her inferiority complex, what else is there to her character? Nodoka will fortunately be sticking around for the remaining episodes of Bunny Girl Senpai, and I hope she gets some time to show off more of her true personality; rather than what we saw during her designated story arc.

Overall, I don’t have any strong feelings towards Nodoka or her arc. It was decently written, but it also felt at times kind of… unnecessary? If it weren’t for Nodoka’s connection to Mai, this arc could have been cut out entirely and nothing much would have been lost. Nodoka’s arc could have benefited from some more foreshadowing prior to her introduction, like that of Rio’s arc.

Anyway, the last story we’re getting seems to be Kaede’s arc. I’m hoping we get some more explanation for her instance of Puberty Syndrome; and I also hope the poor girl manages to overcome her fear of the outside world.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

If they had done this earlier, this story arc could have probably ended in a single episode.

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