A First Impression: Ueno-san wa Bukiyou/How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno Episode 1

Yeah, this show is super gross. I recommend that you don’t read this review if you’re currently eating or drinking something.


Ueno is the president of her middle school’s science club. The club only has two other members: Yamashita, a girl who is Ueno’s friend and seems to be there just for moral support; and Tanaka–a kouhai who Ueno has a massive crush on.

Ueno is a genius who keeps making bizarre inventions in a twisted attempt to “confess” her love to Tanaka… which is difficult to do since Tanaka is as dense as a stack of bricks.

In this first soul-crushing episode, watch Ueno attempt to make Tanaka drink her (purified) urine! Then watch Ueno attempt to get Tanaka look up her skirt; while she’s wearing NO PANTIES! (Don’t worry though, she made a device that can make certain areas invisible to the eye, so it’s all okay!!!)

This series is only 11 minutes long but it will feel like it’s sucked hours of your life away! Truly amazing!

The real question is why Tanaka bothers to stay in this club when all the other members do is harass him.

My Opinion:

Massive sarcasm in the episode summary aside… why does this exist? No really; I have to wonder why a series like this exists. It’s bad enough that a five volume manga series of this is a real actual thing you can buy and not some kind of one-off joke, but WHY did this need an anime?

As an anime fan since the late 1990s, I’m well aware that there have always been and will always be anime that’s more on the crude side. But this anime is just… something else. It feels like some kind of thinly veiled fetish porn. Actually… I’m pretty sure this series IS exactly that. The first skit of the first episode has a girl forcing a boy to drink her urine (yes, it’s been purified, but no, that doesn’t make it any better). And then the second skit has the girl forcing the same boy to look up her skirt, while she’s not wearing any underwear. Again, there’s some magical device that keeps anything from actually being “seen” (thank god); but again, that still doesn’t make things much better. What, are we gonna explore a new fetish in every skit or something?

Also, just because there’s no real fanservice so far (as nothing is actually shown); that… still doesn’t make things less creepy as these characters are all MIDDLE SCHOOLERS. This adds on an extra layer of sleaziness to this series. And even without the psuedo-fetish material, this still would be a shitty series. Ueno is possibly the worst anime character I have seen in a long time. She likes a boy… but never directly confesses to him… and then gets mad that he doesn’t know that she likes him? What? Not only that, but she is portrayed as what I can only call a “turbo tsundere” and her “expressions of love” for Tanaka could essentially be considered sexual harassment or physical assault. And this is all played off for comedy? What the absolute hell.

The only “good” thing about this anime is that the animation quality is pretty decent; and Yamashita has a pretty interesting character design but had to get stuck in this black hole of a show. (As an aside, it baffles me that Yamashita is Ueno’s friend and actively tries to “help” Ueno confess to Tanaka… why are you friends with this massive asshole of a character?)

So… yeah. This show isn’t great.

Out of five, I give it:


The only fitting rating for a show that starts off with a joke about pee.

 I spared you all from the worst scenes that this show has to offer. You’re welcome.

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