The entire series (twelve episodes) actually got dropped on us all at once. No, I’m not going to review all twelve episodes because I’m not that crazy.

I can’t believe I got assigned both of the only mecha anime airing this season through lottery, as I am the person least suited to reviewing mecha anime.


As a kid, Daisuke had been kidnapped for a ransom scheme; though he was fortunately rescued by his childhood friends and a mysterious woman named Milo. Milo told Daisuke that he was the destined one and would be the person who would “save everyone.” After suffering through such a traumatic situation, Daisuke fully took Milo’s words to heart and trained since then to become stronger. Now a high schooler, Daisuke has developed a rather cocky personality but is extremely physically fit and skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Apparently the childhood scene was animated completely in 2D because it would have been too costly to make CG models of the kids or something.

However, all of Daisuke’s friends are put off by this, telling him that he should start letting go of his delusions and try living like a normal teen. Out of the blue one day, Daisuke’s city is suddenly transported to the future—to the year 2388 to be exact. A monstrous creature suddenly start attacking Daisuke and his classmates while they are stranded at school, even killing off some students. Fortunately, Daisuke and one of his childhood friends are saved by a woman named Milo. After introducing himself to her, Milo whisks Daisuke away to a stationed mecha. Daisuke has been prophesized to be able to control this machine, called a “String Puppet.” His job now is to help save the world by fighting off the creatures called “Revisions.”


My Opinion:

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this first episode. First off, yes, this is another 2.5D animated show. But this is honestly one of the better ones I’ve seen. Apart from the mecha and the Revisions monster, the CG wasn’t super noticeable, and the characters actually move decently well. The second half of the episode was also appropriately horrifying, with the Revision completely crushing a classmate to death, and “devouring” several others.

But then there’s everything else about this show, which isn’t that great. I’m mostly talking about Daisuke here. Daisuke has a massive hero complex, which I guess is petty novel coming from the protagonist. That doesn’t make him a better character though; nor less infuriating to watch. I understand that Daisuke turned out this way due to getting kidnapped as a kid and nearly killed. However, I’m not really liking how this series/the story is handling his character. Daisuke is a reckless, aggressive, and arrogant kid who has a deeply unhealthy obsession with being “the one” to save his friends. All of Daisuke’s friends are realistically annoyed by Daisuke’s attitude. So what happens at the end of this first episode? Daisuke is essentially rewarded for all of his awful traits by being able to pilot an Iron Man-like mecha. What???

While Daisuke is very briefly terrified by the Revisions, that fear doesn’t last long when he gets the String Puppet. And there’s something really disturbing about the apparent glee Daisuke has; first when he finds out that shit is starting to go down, and later when he gets his fancy new mecha suit. I don’t think any mentally-sound person should be so happy about a great disaster occurring just so they can have a chance at playing the “hero.” It’s possible that the rest of the series will be devoted to giving Daisuke a hefty dose of character development. But at the moment, the show seems to be saying that people like Daisuke can only really thrive in what is essentially a post-apocalyptic world… and I’m not sure how I feel about that message.

Overall, this is looks to be a pretty straight-forward anime featuring teenaged characters fighting monsters with mecha. So if you like mecha stuff, you will probably also like this anime. Other than my beef with the story and Daisuke’s characterization, I did think that Daisuke’s VA seemed like he was really phoning it in at times. I also have to wonder if it was intentional or not to have Daisuke look so much like Shinji from the Evangelion franchise.

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

Well, Milo’s pretty I guess.